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Shopping for back to school: between offers and new arrivals

This year back to school will be very important for us: Sissi’s wardrobe is renewed not only because she has grown in height, but also because she will start elementary school. We have gone shopping for the back to school and we’ve realized that this is the best period: there are still sales, now with really good discounts, and already there are many new arrivals.Read More

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Girls Clothes Online: our shopping in a new kids outfit

You’ve seen our spring shopping both in the unboxing on Instagram Stories and in this article: now it’s time to show it worn! But before showing you the photos, I want to give you some tips about how to buy girl clothes online: did you know that many online stores and boutiques have mid season sales right now?

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Kids fashion: How to dress kids at Christmas

Have you already chosen your kids outfits for the holidays? The most beautiful season of the year is approaching and it is important to choose the right look, that will make this special moment of the year unique and that will remain immortalized in all the photos, becoming part of the memories of your family.Read More

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How to dress children in summer: unisex kids outfit

How to dress children in summer? The question is not about the outfit itself as high temperatures allow very few options: light fabrics, natural, which possibly not make our children sweat too much. But this is not always completely true…

Even in summer there are cool evenings, when you go for aperitivo to the mountain or if you travel abroas in northern Countries (for sure less hot tha Italy): so we begin to do some testing for back to school’s outfits with new purchases made during the summer salesRead More