TepWireless: never run out of wifi connection abroad

We live always connected.
Even when we would slow down and just enjoy holidays, hopelessly we want to stay connected and have a look at our friends on socials and share with them our travel and holidays experiences.

Often sharing means consuming internet traffic!
Although the new EU roaming rules have simplified things, the problem of Gb – that are never enough – always remains, especially because the extras-threshold are quite expensive.
TepWireless is the solution that allows you to be online at any time without nasty surprises.
Technically it is a Wireless hotspot that works without SIM using to mobile networks of local mobile companies.

TepWireless: YES

  • TLow price: not absolutly, but especially if compared to extra-EU threshold. Obviously it becomes one of the few options available if travelling outside the European Union!
  • In the little bag of TepWireless you will receive not only the hotspot but also a universal charger/adapter and cable for charging.
  • It’s a compact device that stays in one hand and that you can fit easily in your pocket or backpack or bag. And that connect up to 5 devices (smartphones, tablets, e-readers or whatever you want!)

TepWireless: NO

  • The battery does not last long (about 6 hours with 2 connected devices) and recharges slowly.
  • The adapter does not fit anywhere! You’ll find the plug for each country, but the adapter does not fit into the Swedish sockets! In Denmark the adaptor is perfect.
  • After the first 500 Mb, traffic speed slows down a lot: still good for socials and email, but  not suitable for navigation on heavy websites or Fb lives or Ig Stories!

The verdict: would I use it again?

Probably not in Europe. SURELY outside Europe!

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