The Animals Observatory SS18 collection is just around the corner!

We could define The Animal Observatory as a sort of  Bobo Choses’ spin-off: the Spanish brand was born from the creativity of Laia Aguilar, who in The Animal Observatory (TAO for friends) teamed up with Jan Andreu and created a unique brand, strongly inspired by art and faithful to the motto that Laia herself has always repeated to her children

Be a good animal, true to your instincts

The Animal Observatory’s manifesto is clear (and we really like it): it speaks of uniqueness, art, independence, equality, respect, kindness. These are the principles that we love and share with you, so we decided to enhance them with letkidsbekids.

We will celebrate the beauty of the passage of time through things.
We will be honest like animals and clever like children.
Every morning, as we open the wardrobe, we will sing old songs for a new world.
We will follow our instinct to the Northern Lights.
Love above all. Equality above all. Kindness above all.
We will play hide and seek with the stupid and the selfish. And they’ll never find us.
We will light candles with kisses and look each other in the eyes.
We will not respect museums that don’t tell the truth.
We will reject any wool that’s scratchy.
We will do things with passion, complete passion and nothing but passion.

TAO SS18 #BeAGoodAnimal 

The Animal Observatory’s SS18 collection will be launched on January 23rd. It draws inspiration from the works of British and American artists such as David Hockney and Fairfield Porter, from the posters of Polish graphic artist Jerzy Treutler and from the designs of the democratic and republican conventions of the 1960s as well as the streetstyle of the ’70.

Waiting for next January 23rd, enjoy these shots from the official SS18 campaign:

Photography and art direction Laia Aguilar
Styling and art direction Sònia Soms
Production Laia Alzueta
Lighting Gina Ferrer
Props Paula Bosch and Andreu Mateu
Makeup and hairstyling Estrella Elorduy
Acting Mònica Alsina
Assistants Berta Vallvé and Patricia Aparicio
Children: Nina Shandize, Raphaël Brunet, Lara Hillier, Andrea Van Boven, Iago Fernández

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