The Lion King: at the cinema, in the theatre or on DVD, a story to tell to children

The musical “The Lion King”, in its London edition, has an intimate and profound meaning for us. But beyond that, just a few days after the release of the Disney live movie, The Lion King is a tale – whether you want to read it, see it in a musical version, exhume in a cartoon version or eagerly await the news of the live action – to be known absolutely and your children.

Why is the Lion King important and educational?

It’s the circle of life. It is a moment of reflection for us and for them: us, who as children bring our inheritance into life, the genes and thoughts of our parents. We, who as parents would like to be always present in the lives of our children, today as forever. 

It is the circle of life, which makes us reflect about death and about life. That gives us an opportunity to explain death, but also life, which gives us hope for contact with those who are no longer there, with the ancestors who look at us from up there and watch over us and our actions.

On this last aspect the musical is extremely touching, much more intense and evocative than the animation design and the story, also thanks to the song – the only one that is not in the film version – “They live in you” and its reprise “He lives in you” (search on Spotify the album!)

But The Lion King is not only life and death, it is also a reflection on obedience, the rush to grow, jealousy and envy… about the family and the blood that binds us, always.

The Lion King: Disney live action hits cinemas in Italy on August 21st

After the great success of The Jungle Book, where in addition to Mowgli played by Neel Seti there were very few actors and many animals recreated in CGI (a photorealistic technique), director Jon Favreau was called to make the Disney live action of The Lion King : a great challenge, since this time the characters are all animals.

Criticism on the web is divided, but unfortunately the general feeling is not very successful, especially with regard to the most emotional parts, found by all those who have witnessed the various presentations and uninvolving premieres. The perfect animation of computer-created animal characters is at the expense of the expressiveness of the characters themselves.

The film features a cast of star voices starring Donald Glover as Simba, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter as Nala and veteran James Earl Jones reprising the role of Mufasa. In the Italian version, Marco Mengoni and Elisa voiced Simba and Nala respectively. Alongside them, Luca Ward as Mufasa and Simone D’Andrea as Scar, the bad uncle.

We will see it, sure that live action is unlikely to match the London musical, which brings to the theatre a real whirlwind of emotions both from the acting of the actors and from the sets and music. Hard to replicate.

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