What to see in Copenhagen in winter: Copenhill, urban mountain

Denmark is perfect to visit all year round and even in the off-season there is no shortage of unusual activities and wonderful discoveries. Winter gives travel a different aura, new experiences and emotions that invite you to discover Denmark – The Land of Everyday Wonder, in a new light.

At the end of January we visited Copenhagen again and one of the most interesting things to visit, precisely because they represent a novelty both in terms of time and as a vision that combines a plant and turns it into a place of entertainment, is Copenhill.

What to see in Copenhagen in winter: Copenhill, urban mountain

Copenhill is a mountain in the heart of the city, on top of an 85m-high heater, for skiing, climbing and spectacular views.

Designed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and opened in October 2019, Copenhill ski slope is 450 metres long and is served by four lifts, with a maximum inclination of 45%. On the piste there is an acrobatic ski park, a timed slalom course and a children’s space. There is also an artificial climbing wall, the highest in Northern Europe, designed to reproduce a real mountain facade with different climbing routes, classified according to difficulty.

Don’t miss the Danish restaurant at the top of Copenhill and at the foot of the piste an inclusive ski centre of bars and ski rentals.

A heater?! Yes, those chimneys that puff white smoke, which is nothing but high-temperature water vapor, are part of a plant that burns waste and converts it into electricity (for about 30 thousand homes) and thermal (i.e. heating for about 72,000 homes ).

Without delves into political disputes over how convenient and smart it is to use a heater, the Danes have not only decided to install an eco-friendly plant (the filters are very high-tech and make sure that the emissions are only vapor water vapour. It is aimed for the entertainment of the whole city: located in the north of the city and with a beautiful view of the Oresund on one side and the whole of Copenhagen on the other, this place will soon become one of the major attractions, which plans to host about 300,000 visitors a year.

In Copenhill there is also a bit of Italy

The company that produces the coating used for the slopes is italian: in Copenhill you can also ski without snow thanks to Neveplast, a kind of green carpet that allows you to slide as in the best alpine slopes.

Access to Copenhill is free: from the elevator you can appreciate the cleanliness and modernity of the system.

For skiing, the Season Pass costs DKK 2495, the Season Pass week days DKK 1495, the Advantage Pass DKK 795. For a sightseeing visit, the Basic Pass is perfect, costing DKK 150 per hour. At the ski center you can rent the equipment (or even buy it, it’s a Salomon shop!)

February in Copenhagen: a month full of entertainment

Games of light in Copenhagen

From February 1st to 23rd, Copenhagen Light Festival celebrates light art and design, offering evocative lighting experiences in urban spaces and unconventional venues in the city. The right opportunity to “color” one of the darkest months of the year.

The winter season at Tivoli

From January 31st to February 23rd, famous Tivoli park in the heart of Copenhagen is preparing for another extraordinary season. The atmosphere is that of winter wonderland, with an ice skating rink, classic rides and an igloo with games and attractions inside. All illuminated in celebration by installations and lights at the Copenhagen Light Festival.

The exhibitions at the Louisiana museum

What better off-season occasion to enjoy exhibitions in peace? Louisiana inaugurates the winter season with 3 new exhibitions, from the effects of light and optical illusions by Belgian artist Ann Veronica Janssens, to works against existing power structures, in particular political oppression, racism and hegemony American artist Nancy Spero. There will also be an exhibition on the sculptures of Per Kirkeby, a key artist for Louisiana’s collections.

To the rhythm of (winter) Jazz

Every year Copenhagen Winter Jazz (6-29 February) is a must-see for lovers of the genre. The duration and its national significance makes the festival the ideal opportunity to meet international stars on tour, meet new Danish projects awarded and interesting themes such as Jazz for Kids, Future Sound of Jazz and Jazz’n’Poetry.

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