Upcycling tips for renewing your wardrobe

Our closets are always so full of clothes: good solution is to bring our clothes back by reviving and reinvent them. Even without “having the fabric”, with small and simple cutting and sewing techniques, from the basic points to small repairs, you can make dresses and accessories or give new life to old clothes with upcycling projects.

Matilde Di Pumpo, founder and creative director of the fashion brand Lois, invites us to reappropriate the “know-how” and to renew the closet while saving money.

Matilda has guided us on a simple path to become “self-stylists”. With lockdown we have time and this is perhaps the right time to resume passions maybe left aside or deepen new ones. What do we need? The raw material and a good dose of inspiration and creativity. With these tools we can imagine a new life for our clothes. We can recreate or create from scratch. Assembling, cutting, separating and bringing together, using washes to achieve tie dye effects. Every single piece of cloth has a thousand lives and so many uses.

Matilde recommends starting with a garment that’s big on it or a vintage mom’s garment. Before thinking about color we can imagine the shape, tighten the waist in the case of a dress or remove the sleeves to recreate the balloon straps so sought after in the last period. We can make a whole new jeans bleaching the old, the result will be exciting because in bleaching remains the surprise that is the final color. Or so often it happens to have in the closet sweaters with embroideries of stones or different applications. They can be detached and reused by applying them to new garments.

New shapes come from an old T-shirt or jeans. Some ideas we can borrow from the men’s wardrobe, stealing an old shirt or tie.

Upcycling helps the planet and respects the environment. In short, a fashion attentive to savings and consumption that addresses contingent discomfort by working to optimize our home resources. Because the question “what am I wearing?” is not only about aesthetics, but also and above all about ethics and economics.

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