Upcycling or recycling? Do you know the difference? Upcycling differs from recycling because it does not require energy to clean and transform residues into new materials. When recycling materials or products are processed to transform into new objects, while with the upcycling materials (waste) are in some way ennobled creating new objects with a greater added value.

Tommy Hilfiger has announced a sustainable capsule collection for the SS 2018 for both men and women designed precisely using the upcycling.

Tommy Hilfiger has decided to involve in this process of upcycling the residual materials remaining at the end of the seasonal production cycle. The collection is available from May 15, 2018 in some Tommy Hilfiger stores in Paris, Brussels, Milan, Florence, London, Barcelona, Istanbul and Luxembourg and at

The collection marks the first upcycling effort of Tommy Hilfiger and includes a striped kimono, a pair of shorts with stars and stripes, a sleeping mask with polka dots all over, a bag for iPad and a teddy bear, all in various shades of blue. Because of the nature of upcycling production, each element is completely unique.

Tommy Hilfiger wants to be one of the leading companies among sustainable designers for the way he creates his product and manages his activities. Tommy Hilfiger already uses organic cotton and recycled cotton and polyester, and also denim produced with less water and less energy for specific styles in its Tommy Hilfiger collections.

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