Kids fashion Trend SS19: Red

The red, as we imagine it, as a typically warm color, without limits, acts interiorly as a very lively, kindred, restless, which does not possess the character of the prodigality of yellow, which is consumed by spreading from all sides, but It generates, in spite of all its energy and intensity, a strong note of an immense energy, almost conscious of its own end.

Wassily Kandinsky

One of the SS19 trend in children fashion, which AW 18/19 season had foretold us and that I have already partly told you after Florence, Paris, Copenhagen, is definitely red.

A unisex color, which fits to every kid, for every complexion and hair color, and that in general children love: red.

Children’s fashion trends 2019: red

A red garment can not be missing in your children’s closet for this spring summer season 2019: if total red is obviously quite challenging to wear (but for girls a red dress with ballet shoes in the same color can still be delicious!), a piece in red, whether it’s a bomber, a polo, a T-shirt, or at least a garment with a red detail, is absolutely inevitable.

Kids Fashion trend 2019: seasonal proposals in red

Here are all our fav proposals in red: from luxury brands to brands more affordable, you will not be difficult to find something red to add to the wardrobe of your children.

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Children’s Fashion trends 2019: kid outfit with touches of red

Here’s our kid outfit in red, with total look by Fun&Fun, italian brand that will appeal to girls and moms for the variety of styles: from athleisure to ceremony, passing through denim and casualwear.

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