Trolls World Tour: Poppy&Co. come back with an outstanding streaming launch

Three years ago, Trolls made their way to cinemas: DreamWorks managed to redeem the dark-faced trolls and the image we had of these mythical creatures to turn them into funny and adorable beings, eager to have fun. On April 10th the second chapter – Trolls World Tour – was launched in an exceptional format: for the first time, a launch directly in HD digital streaming in the most important streaming platforms with an innovative formula, to continue to bring cinema to the public at home during Covid-19.

Trolls World Tour: spoiler-free plot

Trolls World Tour anticipates the film’s plot in the title: the trolls, led by Poppy and Branch, will embark on the exploration of their fantastic world. They will find that they’re not the only kind of troll that exists. In fact, up to a total of six kingdoms coexist without too much contact between them. The most curious thing is that in each kingdom predominates a different musical style: funk, country, techno, classic, pop and rock, with different ways of living and habits.

But the peaceful diversity that the world offers is threatened by the rock queen Barb, obsessed with mastering the rest of the musical genres to eliminate them and achieve the hegemony of metal rock. Puppy and Branch will have to unite the other five kingdoms to prevent Barb from realizing her plans.

Trolls World Tour: How to see it

Trolls World Tour is available on major streaming platforms: Sky, Apple TV, Google Play, Rakuten TV, TIM Vision, Chili and Infinity.

The rental price is 15.99 euros (in Italy) and the rental lasts 48 hours, during which you can endlessly view the cute Trolls.

Trolls World Tour: is it worth it?

Definitely yes!

It is worth because it brings a breath of joy in a time quite gloomy for everyone: the lockdown forces us home, safe for the good of all, but involves waivers or at least changes to our usual behaviors. We do not yet know when cinemas will be able to reopen and certainly a first viewing in rental version can give young and old, alone or in company, moments of carefreeness.

It’s definitely worth it because Trolls World Tour brings music, dancing, glitter, partying and also a deeper message. A message that fits the situation we are all going through.

As producer Gina Shay says, the first film invited us to “capture the source of happiness that we have in ourselves, and not focus on quick external solutions“. In the second film, it is the new queen Poppy who finds herself having to learn that every voice is important and that we all have to listen now more than ever. True harmony lies in difference and respect of others: a lesson on which to reflect in different plans with our children.

It’s definitely worth it because you’re dancing. And you will sing. You will immediately want to! Going through the various musical genres, you will rediscover the songs of your youth: another cue to share with the little ones! From jazz to funky, from k-pop to classical, from rock to reggaetton… what’s your favorite genre?

15 curiosities about Trolls World Tour

A soundtrack to dance

As happened in the first film, this second movie is full of famous songs that have been adapted to the “troll format”, such as Trolls You Wanna Have Fun, adaptation of the famous theme of Cyndi Lauper.


The original film, Trolls (2016) was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song, Can’t Stop the Feeling, written by Justin Timberlake, Max Martin and Shellback.

Co-director repeats himself

Trolls World Tour is directed by Walt Dohrn, who co-directed Trolls, and is produced again by Gina Shay. The film is co-directed by David P. Smith and co-produced by Kelly Cooney Cilella, both of whom worked on the first Trolls.

More characters, more color and more music

As Walt Dohrn, one of the film’s directors, explains: “We have expanded this universe with more characters, music and colors. It’s like we’ve turned the volume up.”

The McElroy Brothers campaign

The McElroy brothers, Justin, Travis and Griffin, from the popular podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me (MBMBaM), campaigned for a full year to be part of the film’s casting. In the end, they made it!

Origin of the idea of the film

As director Walt Dohrn explained, the idea for this sequel came about thinking, “If we made another movie, what would we like to see? The answer is simple: more trolls and more music. From there came the idea of discovering that there are many trolls around the world with different musical tastes. “

An Oscar-winning actress

Anna Kendrick is the actress who, in the original version of the film, gives voice again to trolls’ main character, Poppy. Anna Kendrick was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for “Up in the Air” (2009).

Logos for the occasion

In this film we will see Universal logos dressed in glitter and rainbows, the DreamWorks Animation logo become an album and the fisherman boy with a troll-style hairstyle.

Cyndi Lauper in the trailer

In the trailer we can listen to the “troll” version of Cyndi Lauper’s theme, which this time is titled Trolls You Wanna Have Fun, played by Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake.

A huge box office success

Trolls (2016) has become a hit, since starting from a budget of 125 millions, it managed to raise 339 million dollars worldwide.

Other studio franchises

Trolls is DreamWorks Animation’s fifth franchise after Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and Dragon Trainer. All great successes, so… that we’re not expecting a Trolls 3?!

Kendrick, who grew up with trolls

Actress Anna Kendrick confessed that she loved trolls since she was a little girl, “I had the ones that were put on pens, that made homework look funny,” “they’re like pugs dogs, so ugly that they’re adorable.” She then asked if the character she gave voice to, Poppy, had a diamond in her navel, since “those were the best.

Movies, series and specials

In addition to the original 2016 film and this sequel, the troll series includes a television series and two specials, titled Trolls: Holidays (2017) and Trolls: Keep Up! (2018).

A troll in Toy Story

In the Toy Story saga, one of the toys that appears is a troll doll that belongs to Molly, Andy’s sister, the owner of Woody and Buzz Lightyear. In the first episode, she appears several times in short appearances, while in the second he appears in two scenes. In the third film she is mentioned only in a flashback and her fate when the children have grown up and got rid of their old toys is unknown.

The success of troll dolls

The troll dolls were born in 1959 thanks to the Danish lumberjack Thomas Dam. Unable to afford a nice Christmas present for her daughter, he decided to carve a doll based on a troll, a Scandinavian mythological creature, and attach us a colorful mane. Quickly, a couple of years later, in the early 1960s, success came and the dolls became one of the fashion toys in the United States. Of course, having not initially paid too much attention to the copyright of the original product, the market was flooded with imitations and lower quality copies. Troll dolls continued to enjoy their success in the 70s, 80s and 90s and, in fact, became dolls much appreciated by collectors.

The next movies coming from Dreamworks

Trolls World Tour is DreamWorks’ first 2020 movie, which in 2019 has entertained us with the third part of Dragon Trainer. The company is focused now on continuing with the stories it already has. After Trolls World Tour will arrive in 2020 The Croods 2, which will be joined by Baby Boss 2 in 2021.

Making its best stories pay off is a strategy dreaming of perfectly, ever since it launched, to give continuity to its characters, Shrek 2 in 2004. We also remember the sequels of Madagascar or Kung Fu Panda: we are fond of these characters, we follow with pleasure the events in the sequels, which always propose new stories, evolution of the characters… and our children grow up a little with the protagonists!

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