UGG® Australia boots for children

The history of sheepskin boots for excellence, UGG ® Australia, brings us to California’s beaches!

I’m not crazy, but for those who still do not know, the most famous sheepskin boots were not born in a cold climate, although this is the main use that we give to these shoes.


UGG ® Australia was born on the beach in Southern California in 1978, from the idea of a young Australian surfer with the need to keep his feet warm after surfing in the cold ocean waters. UGG® Australia was thus transformed from a small surf brand to a worldwide leader in the production of luxury sheepskin footwear . For almost 40 years the UGG Classic model was an icon of casual style and is now a must-have for fashion closets around the world. Over time, the product range has grown and in addition to the classic sheepskin boots today we can find casual shoes, slippers, and, more recently, bags and clothing.

Today I want to talk about UGG® Australia boots for children

In recent years I have tried for Sissi various models and I really think I can say my opinion…

Rule #1: UGG ® Australia boots fit a little wide. So if you buy them online, better to buy half number less than usual.

Rule #2: choose the right model for the age of your children. In the age group of small children (ie in the range of 22.5 to 30 EU numbers) we tested three models.


The first model, the left one in violet, is the Classic model: it was the first model that I bought for Sissi and I must say, as she was quite small, they were not so comfortable to put on.

This year we have chosen the Bailey Button model, the central one, in black: thanks to the button they are easy to insert and remove, and also more comfortable even when putting the pants inside of them. I would recommend this model to those who have very young children, under the age of 2 years.

We end with the last arrival, the Bailey Bow model, to the right, in chestnut color: it’s my favorite! The bows on the back give a feminine touch to the boots and also facilitate the fit. I’ve liked this model from the beginnning, but one of my concerns was the resistance of the bows… but they are sewn very well, very “child-proof”! The color is very versatile: the hazelnut is a warmer color than the light beige and yet can easily be combined with all (I love it with denim or with dark gray), the fur, that gives a clear contrast, is very very cute.


Rule #3: what about cleaning? If in doubt they can get dirty… comes to my aid the Care Kit!


If you notice in the picture above, violet boots are quite dirty: Sissi was very small, she wore them so much and, at the first experience, I did not know how to clean them. The problem this year has been bypassed by black boots: with this color with the only problem could be some small stain (powder or shoe) that could be eliminated with a simple brushed, but you really do not notice any spots! A light color “worried” me more, but I am confident that Sissi will be a little older and I have the UGG® care kit, which includes everything you need to clean and protect your UGG® boots.

The cleaning kit contains two sprays: the sheepskin protector and the deodorant, a detergent-conditioner and a brush with a kind of eraser to erase the stains.

The deodorant is to refresh the shoes against odors. It should be sprayed internally as a deodorant and cleans the slab, removing moisture and excess of dirt and restores the smell of shoes like new.


The sheepskin protector is used to make waterproof the boots both from water and stains. It should be sprayed before use and after cleaning.


The cleaner and conditioner for Sheepskin by UGG® Australia is formulated with natural products and with the addition of coconut oil and jojoba. It is non-toxic and biodegradable and contains no animal products. It was created specifically by UGG® Australia to clean, condition and regenerate the sheepskin footwear.


Before leaving, one last tip: UGG® Australia boots are born on the beaches and can also be worn in the spring because, being breathable, they keep the temperature of the feet, regardless of the weather outside. Then of course, I would not use them on the beach in August with 40°C, but these images really fascinate me: what do you think?


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