Ugg Australia Boots for kids


Here they are , they have come directly from the official UGG Australia online store and they arrived in just 4 days …


Sissi has chosen them looking at them with me to my PC … and so handed down from mother to daughter the absolute passion for shoes !

UGG Australia history

These boots were invented in the early 70s by an Australian surfer, Shane Stedman: his idea was born from the need to keep the feet warm after surfing in the cold Australian waters. Nevertheless, it is from the early 2000s that UGG boots have become a fashion product and a cultural phenomenon, thanks to the fact that many Hollywood stars have become big fans of it (Oprah Winfrey, Kate Hudson , Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz ) .

UGG has become so well known for classic sheepskin boots , but the collection also includes shoes, sandals, wedges, slippers , sweaters , clothing and bags. The leather used is double-sided , out of suede and sheepskin with fleece of wool on the inside. The boot is nonporous so it will keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter.

UGG Australia boots for kids: right choice

The main answer is only one: they are warm. Really warm. And waterproof.


Why the original? There are many imitations around: at the market, at the Chinese store, from other respectable brands that offer similar models… but for my kid’s first steps I just worth it to spend a little more and go on the original product. And we got them in the official online store for one simple reason: it was the only one to still have the size of Sissi (22.5 EU – 5 UK: remember that fit a lot!) in the model that we liked and in the color that we liked! And the price was more honest than on traditional shops!


Why colored? Why Sissi is a toddler girl… and you can allow colorful boots when you are just 2 years old! She will have all her life to choose black, brown, gray, sand, right? The task of matching them with her ​​outfits will be our challenge! 😉 It ‘s true that it’s winter, but she will be warm and cheerful!

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