Visit Cisternino with children

A family holiday in the central area of Puglia, between Bari and Brindisi, certainly includes a lot of sea, good food and… a visit to the trulli! Itria Valley in Apulia is by vocation a somewhat magical place, always linked to esotericism.

The air of mystery is also hidden around the trulli, those strange houses with uncertain symbols positioned on the conical dome, whose birth is traced back even in prehistoric times.
Already in prehistoric times in the Valle d’Itria began to spread tholos, typical vaulted buildings used to bury the dead. The oldest trulli are found today in Alberobello and date back to the fourteenth century, when the entire land, at the time entirely uninhabited, was assigned to the first Count of Conversano by Robert of Anjou, prince of Taranto and then king of Naples from 1309 to 1343. The plot of land was the prize of the noble Angevin for the services rendered during the Crusades. The area was then populated again, moving entire settlements from neighboring fiefs such as that of Noci. 

Visit Cisternino with children

In Cisternino (very convenient because it is just an hour far from Bari and Brindisi and you can easily visit everything on foot thanks to the small and collected historic center) you will not find the monumental churches of Ostuni or the perfect trulli of Alberobello or the cummerse of Locorotondo. But if you are staying in Valle d’Itria you must definitely visit it: Cisternino is one of the most fascinating villages in the whole area, where it is a pleasure to get lost in the alleys and squares, breathing the air of the past, with an almost oriental charm and reminiscent of Andalusia for many stretches, thanks to that instinctive architecture (=unplanned) that distinguishes the historic center.

The atmosphere and charm of Cisternino all reside in wandering among the houses of the Isule (the center) and the other ancient neighborhoods (Bère Vècchie, Scheledd, u Pantène) that extend beyond the Mother Church and the Great Tower.

In Cisternino there is no real itinerary to follow: the real visit of the small town lies in getting lost in the white streets, wandering and admiring the beauty of the houses leaning against each other, joined by arches, interspersed with stairs and external ladders, adorned with balconies and stone masks … a masterpiece of popular architecture dictated by the wisdom of masons and stonemasons remained nameless. The real reason to spend a day among the white walls of Cisternino. 

As for the specialties of local cuisine, like any self-respecting Apulian city, Cisternino also offers a particularly rich and varied menu. Typical of the area are the butchers with adjoining dining room, which serve all kinds of meat dishes.

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