Visit Rovaniemi in summer: when it’s Christmas all year round

In Rovaniemi is Christmas all year round: is this really true?
Only snow is missing, but consider that in winter temperature can also reach -35°C!

10 good reasons to visit Rovaniemi in summer

1) In summer you can get to Rovaniemi with on the road trip
We reached Rovaniemi from Helsinki stopping at Kajaani. It is a long way but in summer it can be done, while in winter it is really hard: if you want to go to Rovaniemi in winter you will have to take a plane, or direct or via Helsinki. Arriving to Rovaniemi by land also allows you to cross two beautiful Finnish regions: the region of the lakes (between Mikkeli and Kuopio) and the Central-eastern region (north of Kajaani), with beautiful panoramas.

Here are the stages of our way to Rovaniemi, which is still highlighted in Instagram Stories:

And you can meet the reindeer too!

2) Days are very long
This means that you can organize photographic expeditions to admire the famous midnight sun or just enjoy late in the evening with daylight.

Beautiful sunsets in Rovaniemi… at 11 pm!

3) Hotels are in low season
You will find many offers for accommodation at this time of year: remember to take a look at our beautiful igloos!

4) Forget queues and crowds
The attractions are frequented, but there is not the typical rush of winter time!

For children: The Pilke Museum in Rovaniemi
The view and the visit to the Arktikum Museum in Rovaniemi are not to be missed

5) You can dedicate yourself to trekking!
From Rovaniemi there are many hiking and trekking trails, difficult to do if you are a family with small children at -30°C (and with the sun setting at 12!)

6) The attractions dedicated to Santa Claus work exactly as in the winter time
Once inside, you will still be immersed in the Christmas atmosphere, even if it is August!

The tunnel leading into the Santa Park

7) A climatic motivation…
While in Italy there were 38 degrees, in Rovaniemi it was really great with 14 degrees! So if you’re looking for fresh corners of paradise in summer… Rovaniemi is really the right destination!

Napapiiri, that is the Arctic Circle, guarantees a very fresh summer

8) Aurora Borealis? Even in summer!
We saw it on August 12th: I was so sad that I didn’t even have the right lens to photograph it. We got lucky and it was one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences of my life!

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