Waiting for summer: my shopping at Nickis.com and all my tips to buy online


We love casual style: the daily life of a 5-year-old girl takes place between school and afternoon walks, shopping with mom, some afternoon at office… the weekend is full of travel destinations, between Italian locations, cultural destinations and parks.

Despite that… who said a casual style is impersonal? Some moms associate casual clothing with the idea of “leggings and t-shirts” or “sport suits”, but there are many possible combinations to give our little girls a comfortable style (necessary to play free), but feminine.

I realized that Sissi recently changed her size: the t-shirts – that I put off last year in the (vain) hope that they would fit this year – are simply tiny. Very tiny!

Waiting for summer (or, given the weather of the last few weeks, I should say waiting for spring…), on a rainy weekend, where the only option was tablet+blanket, I made some online shopping.

Do you know how to buy online? Here are my tips for buying online

1. Register and log in, always

Before you start looking at the many brands you find on Nickis.com, my fav online shop, remember to register and log in! When you see something you like, you can add the article to the wishlist, then decide on pairing calmly.

2. Be advised by Nickis.com

You always find new arrivals on top and, when choosing an item, you have the matching tips or products that you might like … and – trust me – you will like them!

3. Give yourself a budget and priority

Getting a budget is critical: the first time I filled a cart for about 3,000 euros! All is beautiful, every item, and it’s easy to let it take a while!

Getting priorities is also important: what do you really need in the immediate future? In our case we needed t-shirts, shirts and blouses!

Maybe, given the weather, you could need a lightweight jacket, certainly not sandals …

4. The newsletter: the best friend of your wishlist

There are items that you will have in your wishlist: you like them, but at the moment you had other priorities. Well, every now and then there are promos for those who are subscribed to the newsletter …

Waiting for the summer: a hyper-feminine shopping on Nickis.com

What did we buy? 2 brands that we know and love for a long time.

Chloe, always elegant, but in the kids line the brand winks to children: we have chosen rainbows! In the blouse with frills, seasonal must also for us adults, the rainbows lie gently right on the edge of the frills, while on the t-shirt the rainbow explodes in all its colors.

This set from Carrement Beau is a great choice in quality/price: the mariniere t-shirt has a cotton fabric enriched by delicate waves, while light and fresh denim shorts have a slightly high, absolutely feminine, waist. Every little girl should have in her wardrobe a set like this, versatile and easily matching.

Now, we just have to wait for the good weather to show you this outfits in some shooting! Are you ready for the summer? And your wardrobe?


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