Wander & Wonder: from travel to kids fashion, the step is short

Founded in 2017, Wander & Wonder was born from the love for travel as a family. Travelling often with her children, the designer and founder Hilda Yim has seen how our little ones love the adventure that the journey itself represents as well as the contact with other cultures through food, music, art.

Wander & Wonder: from travel to kids fashion, the step is short

Hilda understood that the world of children’s fashion is constantly evolving and decided to bring her brand into a continuous evolution exploring a new culture every season. Whether it’s Africa, Japan or Mexico, Wander & Wonder’s collections pay homage to their traditions and embrace their language and lifestyle by interpreting it from the children’s point of view.

Wander always, wonder often.

Wander & Wonder SS20

For the spring summer 2020 season, Wander & Wonder takes us to the seaside, from a summer getaway from the French Riviera to Fuerteventura.

The color palette is dominated by blue and cream, reflecting the skies and sandy beaches. Classic striped prints or lace are mixed with all-over “Le Chat” prints, hand illustrated by Olya Tsikhanchuk.

2% of Wander & Wonder’s profits go to a children’s charity – one more reason to dress children up with this new brand!

You can buy Wander & Wonder in the best European shops, for info visit the official page wander-n-wonder.com

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