What to see in Montmartre with Kids

We have often traveled to Paris, many times even with Sissi, but the memory of Montmartre was so far only ours, a romantic memory as a couple.

Montmartre was for us Place du Tertre, its artists, its flowers, an Easter mass in Sacre Coeur Church. It was that little restaurant on the corner with the red façade found by accident. It was the rain and not a taxi… It was our hands tights and a kiss in the rainComing back to Montmartre with Sissi was to see this neighbourhood in a new dimension, but so far I had never thought of staying near this Arrondissement, perhaps because I thought my daughter was too small to appreciate the true beauty and the intrinsic romance of this area.

What to see in Montmartre with kids: Step 1. Accommodation

This time, thanks to the perfect location of Timhotel Opéra Blanche Fontaine, we stayed a few steps from Montmartre, on its slopes.
Located between Pigalle and Blanche, Timhotel Opéra Blanche Fontaine is perfect not only if you want to visit the beautiful – and touristic – Montmartre, but also if you want to visit the famous Moulin Rouge or the more nightclubs in Paris. The neighbourhood is lively and dedicated by tradition and vocation to music and theatre: the ideal place to discover world-famous Parisian shows and to access the strategic points of the French capital!
Certainly the Moulin Rouge can not be visited with a 6-years-old little girl, but nothing forbids to take a nice picture outside the famous local.
From Timhotel Opéra Blanche Fontaine Science Museum is not very far and it’s perfect to visit with children: you’ve seen us visiting it live a couple of summers ago.

Rooms are spacious, very comfortable both in spaces and in furnishings, all equipped with air conditioning, large and well equipped bathrooms, tea & coffee corner, minibar. Some rooms have a great view of Eiffel Tower, while from our superior double room we were able to enjoy a nice view of Les Invalides and Tour de Montparnasse.
Breakfast is served in the special room with a good selection of sweet and savory food.
Services of Timhotel Opéra Blanche Fontaine make your stay in the vibrant Parisian district really comfortable and, despite the location, also relaxing and peaceful. In fact, despite being just 200 meters from the famous Moulin Rouge, the structure does not remain on the road, but overlooks a large private courtyard. Timhotel Opéra Blanche Fontaine also has private parking and free Wi-Fi throughout the property.

What to see in Montmartre with kids: Step 2. A walk in Montmartre 

Strolling in a romantic and bohemian place like Montmartre with children can apparently seem almost useless instead… without a doubt, the neighbourhood located on the hill, in the North area of Paris, can have many places that will fascinate even the youngest.

If you stay at Timhotel Opéra Blanche Fontaine, you can climb the Montmartre hill either by foot or by the Montmartre funicular (which is actually an inclined elevator): you will arrive at the foot of the beautiful and white Sacré-Coeur Basilica, from which you will enjoy a unique view of Paris.

A curiosity: in the 18th century Montmartre remained a neighbourhood outside the city limits and for this was exempt from the taxes of Paris. Also on the hill there were many vineyards (today remains a small plot of land cultivated in the vineyard: the Clos de Montmartre) that gave a good production of local wine. Wine and a few taxes: Montmartre became a popular area for fun. Between the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century, thanks to the rise of various cabarets, includingthe Moulin Rouge and Le Chat noir, became more and more the place of Parisian entertainment, while at the same time became the favourite neighbourhood of artists and painters. Toulouse-Lautrec, Steinlen, Van Gogh, Modigliani, Picasso, Utrillo and many others lived in Montmartre.

You can stop to eat at La Mère Catherine, one of the oldest restaurants in Paris dating from 1793. Here you will also find an inscription explaining the popular etymology of the word bistro. On March 30th, 1814, a group of Russian soldiers were having dinner at La Mère Catherine: they asked for adrink, Bystro (which in Russian means quickly). So “Bistro” became the description of a restaurant where you could eat or drink quickly.

Descending towards the Moulin Rouge, a stop is deserved by Le Bateau Lavoir , the façade rebuilt in 1970 after a fire of what was the residence-really bohemian-of many artists. In this home Picasso painted Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. 

Montmartre is romantic, is bohemienne but certainly is worth visiting also with kids!

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