How to dress the kids at Christmas: Wheat Disney Frozen

Are you looking for a not-in-red little girl outfit for Christmas? Have you ever thought about blue?

The range of cool colors (from light blue, almost ice, to navy or dark blue) are still part of the holiday season, they match well with the decorations in shades of white and silver and fit fine to all complexions and colors of eyes/hair. Not least, cool colors like blue could surely used even after holidays!

When we thought about a girl outfit for Christmas, we think about… Frozen! Perhaps because of the freezing weather of these days or because at Christmas time we love to watch again our beloved Disney movie… For Christmas we chose this Wheat Disney dress.

Yes, you saw it in our Instagram Stories during the night party after Rundisney at Disneyland Paris, but this dress is so beautiful that it deserved a daytime shots, only dedicated to it.

Wheat Disney: our kids favourite heroes 

Your kids want to go out wearing garments with the prints of their favourite heroes, right? And you would prefer something more sober, right? I told you some months ago: there is a solution and it’s called Wheat. The Danish brand (I have told you about Wheat in these articles) reconciles mothers and children: our kids have the illusion of wearing their favorite heroes, while we moms are happy with all the prints, so cute and fashion! The characters most loved by children, born from the collaboration between Wheat and Disney and Marvel, become gracefully drawn, in a sober and modern way.

An example is precisely this dress dedicated to Frozen: it is not about going out with a carnival costume! This dress has the effigy of Elsa, with colors and references to Frozen, but it is absolutely wearable for every day. And materials are of very good quality: not polyester, but cotton. No velcro closures, but elegantly coated buttons.

To complete the outfit, we chose the microfibre tights from Calzedonia Kids, the glittering silver shoes from Naturino and the silk headband from Majula handmade.

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