Winter jackets for children: Reima

How to choose winter jackets for children? Famous outerwear brands are normally an important investments, not only in economic terms, but also in efforts to search for functional garments, warm, comfortable, breathable, well-built, waterproof…

When talking about winter jackets, we look for the best performance, perhaps more than for each garment of our children’s wardrobe.

Winter jackets for children and winter activewear: Reima

I always try to find the best garment for each purpose. Sissi has had over the years many winter jackets, from different brands and in various models: in feather, with synthetic padding, with ecofinish, classic Moncler, Mini Rodini jackets in various weights… When I thought I had found the perfect jacket (Alaska parka from Mini Rodini),  the change of size gave us a few problems: the old parka was really small (and we changed it only for this reason, because otherwise it was really like new), while the new one – bought only in one size more – it’s a little too wide. This means long sleeves (too much) and a wide jacket (luckily the parka can be tightened internally)…

I decided to look towards North to find another winter jackets that could accompany us in travel experiences in the snow and during some trips that we have planned in the Scandinavian countries and I stopped (virtually) in Finland: I discovered Reima.

Do you know Reima? You should, especially if you’re getting ready for the snow season!

Reima is a Finnish brand that produces activewear from 1944: since then its mission has been to guarantee children – from 0 to 12 years – the possibility to have fun and play outdoors, with all weather conditions! Functionality, security, sustainability and innovation are key to Reima’s design.

From 1944 to today Reima has come a long way: today it is located in more than 70 countries on three continents. From Russia, their major market, to Finland, Norway and Sweden. In 2016 Reima made its entry to Canada, followed by the US market in autumn 2017. In Asia, China is the strategic growth market of Reima. Reima flagship stores are more than 40 in Finland, Sweden, Russia and China. In addition, there are about 40 shop-in-shops in the main markets.

In recent years Reima has also won numerous awards: in 2016, the hyper-technological line ReimaGO has won for the Kids category the Scandinavian Outdoor Award, delivered by an international jury, made up of prestigious journalists and external retailers. The Copenhagen model, a classic in Reima style, onesie won in 2015 in the category according to the “Bäst I Test” on all brands in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Winter jackets for children: skating on ice with Reima

Obviously Reima is not only jackets, coats and tracksuits, but also technical and sports apparel for outdoor life, accessories, shoes. Faithful to its mission, Reima offers everything that can be used to play outdoors, even when the weather is stiff or humid!

We decided to spend an afternoon skating on ice and, although our Italian climate in cities never comes to the low temperatures of our mountains, of the ski slopes or of Northern Europe, as the evening approaches, the temperatures fall…

Sissi’s Reima jacket is a down jacket with REIMATEC ® technology that guarantees its windproof, breathable and waterproof properties! All the seams of this elegant jacket have been waterproofed (they are the so-called taped seams): the pockets are comfortable (4 outside and one inside, for the joy of the children who love the pockets!) and the hood is removable through buttons. Even the fur board can be removed: but it’s really fashion! The hood is also lined in hot fleece, so even without a cap it is a valid protection for the head.  The style is perfect: long but not too much and with elastic adjustable internally, to tighten eventually on the waist.

The attention to the environment and the health of children is given by the coating in BIONIC-ECO Finish® Fluorocarbon-free. The certifications on its performance make this Reima winter jacket really perfect even on the ski slopes: waterproof up to 12000 mm of water column, certified for temperatures from -10°C to -30°C, highly breathable up to 7000 g/m2/24 h (suitable for sport!).

The size is perfect! There are all the intermediate sizes (also 5, 7, 9, 11), which obviously allow a suitable fit.  We’re waiting to test Reima in our future travel experiences in Scandinavian Countries!

Last but not at least this winter jacket from Reima is really fashionable: colors are beautiful and the edge in fur, although it is ecofur, seems almost true and very soft! The hat matches perfectly with the jacket and is internally covered in fleece (warms without scratching!).

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