Wool hats for kids

Wool hats are the main accessory of every winter, those that protect ears and warm the head of our children: there are more and more models to choose from, some more suitable than others depending on the form of the face, or on the outfits or on the occasion.

Hot, with designs, with pon pons, hats are not only a useful accessory in winter but also a complement that enhances every kids outfit.

To choose the perfect model of wool hats for kids, always consider that it should favor face and outfit, there are some tips to keep in mind (which also apply to us moms!).

Color: Since it is an accessory that will be close to the face, it is very important that its color brings freshness and brightness. For example, if you have dark eyes and dark hair, darker tones are better (black, dark brown, brown, anthracite, etc.), while if you have dark hair and light eyes the vibrant tones (electric blue, red, etc.) are the perfect choice. If you have golden hair with golden highlights, the muted tones are ideal, while for skin, hair and light eyes, the bright colors are the best allies.

Fit: To choose the perfect hat, you also need to take into account the shape of the face. For example, for faces that are not too stretched, but quite round, it is very pleasant a model like that of these shots, by Colombo Milano 1911, since it does not visually shorten the face.

Context: Taking into account the fact that there is a wide variety of hats and caps to choose from, you can choose to use more formal or sophisticated models in those outputs that require it and something more easy, for school and for everyday life.

Children’s wool hats: the choice in relation to the outfit

You can choose an accessory that completes the look (the total look in blue is by FUN&FUN), tone on tone, as in these photos: Colombo Milano 1911 offers a selection of caps and caps for babies or children really wide and choose the piece that completes and rises your kids outfit will be really simple (and at an honest price).

From the point of view of materials, important to select precisely because they remain in contact with the head, the caps of Colombo Milano 1911 are made of elasticized cotton, soft and breathable, designed not to make children sweat.

Children’s wool hats can be combined with other accessories of choice between scarves and gloves for children: the pink set is very delicate and will please all girls (and even mothers!).

As Christmas approaches, remember that children’s wool hats, or hat and neck sets, are a really good gift idea!

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