Zadig et Voltaire Kids SS20: GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING

Girls can do anything. A message that you carry on a sweatshirt, or on a tee, or even on a perfume.

Zadig et Voltaire has adopted this motto in the last seasons, writing it in clear letters, both in the women’s and girl’s collections.

Zadig et Voltaire Kids SS20: GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING

Much more than just a motto, a motivational phrase, of empowerment: don’t let yourself be told that you can’t do something because you’re a woman or a girl. You can do anything.

But beware: you can do everything, but it will probably cost you twice as much effort as a man (let me tell you, because the writer is a woman-engineer and knows how complicated it was – 20 years ago – to deal with professors and men classmates…). You can do everything but you have to want it with all of yourself, with that stubbornness that often only we women have, with that strength and decision that won’t make you break down even the greatest of obstacles.

You can do everything not only in your working life – a concept that is almost close to commonplace and rhetoric – but you can do everything even in everyday life, when it seems that you can’t make it, when you have to manage work and family, maybe even a lockdown, when you have to deal with the disease.

A message that you have to learn since childhood, a message that is worn on a must-have garment: a sweatshirt, with the perfect cut and soft cotton, in a sky blue that makes us dream of summer but that will be fine even in winter – maybe add a shirt under, in white or denim – to be combined with the skies and the sparkling air of the morning.

A perfect sweatshirt for back to school, to be bought immediately on where there are already some items on sale (and where the outlet section never disappoints!).

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