Playtime Paris 27th season

2020 calls for renewal as the 27th season of Playtime Paris is just around the corner!
From 25 to 27 January, the reference fashion and lifestyle show for children swear creatives and creators will be returning to its lush abode at the Parc Floral de Paris.

Driven by the “BE HAPPY” theme, based on the childhood joy that takes us back to the energy and carefreeness we buried in adulthood, the show will introduce a demanding selection of fashion and lifestyle brands.

In our minds, presenting an increasing amount of brands no longer seemed suited to the current market. We therefore decided to reduce the number of collections presented, explains Chantal Danguillaume, commercial director of the show. In making this bold choice, we wish to offer each exhibitor better conditions in which to take part and each buyer a better visiting experience.

That is why the whole team at Playtime has worked hard to offer its winter visitors a more rigorous selection and a more inclusive show, with an easiest route between fashion and lifestyle brands.

450 brands (including 87 french and 363 international) will be present this season and will cover the worlds of fashion and lifestyle in a more inclusive atmosphere throughout the show.

Following a common thread around the theme « Be Happy », the whole show finds itself changed!

The space has been redesigned for a better visiting experience. While strolling through the alleys, visitors will discover new collections, draw inspiration in an interactive trend space, find their essentials brands, take part in a creative workshop or a game…or just stop for a second and enjoy a well-deserved break.


To capture the essence of the season in a few silhouettes, head over to the show’s trend forum.
There, you will discover the essential wardrobe for Autumn-Winter 2020 which will fit in with the three general trends as imagined by the creative agency INSTINCT.


Leaving everything behind. Leaving the city behind with its stressful pace and blinding lights, to embrace a countryside lifestyle. Satisfying your craving for natural and open surroundings. Living a full life while preserving your resources. Retrieving natural movements. Getting an autonomous house built with environmentally friendly materials, homemade beauty products and a zero waste kitchen. Passing your expertise and precious belongings from generation to generation. Cutting down waste and living a simple and happy life. Serving nature and not the other way around: a lifestyle that is a true commitment to the preservation of the planet and the future of humankind.


A theme paying tribute to non-conformist characters: the freaks, the weirdoes
Let us celebrate their creativity and madness! Let us cross over with them to a world as disturbing as it is wonderful, populated by creatures never seen before. Let us embrace with an open mind all that is non-reasonable.
They are dreamers and visionaries. They invent new utopias, blending urban trends, sports and high-tech to boost their fantasy world. Their taste for weird stuff is a disruption of normality and beauty standards.
Most important of all, they walk the talk and they will catch our eye. Strangely, our weird side reflects our identity.


If we say road-trip! Do you follow us? Family, friends, pets: all in camping car! We embark in a merry confusion to wherever land. Better than a journey, it is an “art de vivre” feeding on resourcefulness, DIY, open-mindedness and altruism. Freedom for all. As we go along, we embrace the traditions of the people we meet. We collect everything we can get our hands on, we tinker with all kinds of stuff, and we recycle everything. An unstoppable positive attitude. Collectively we invent new designs that take us ever further.

New brands

As usual, Playtime is a great platform for launching new brands: these are new names for 27th edition:

7elephants – armistice – babychi – bylindgren – drôle de zoo – earth in my heart – elfinfolk – hauptli haus kids – jellymade – julia rusu – kaiko – lillelam – miapka design – nessi byrd – parkland – pavonada – petite hailey – pippins denim – please kids – reima – vilje & ve – antsi kids – big little ones -binibamba – chewies&more – dove and dovelet – eliot et loup – extra one – kknekki – lait de poule – lama palama – leo leo – marnelly – mini kyomo – minibe – prinsessefin kjersti of norway – slip stop – snap the moment – specialday – sunny side of london – tendrement f.é. – ul&ka – yaarn – ykra -yuko b. – zu-zu’design- be kind – creshendo apparel

Espace créa.tif

Drawing and illustration have always been part of Playtime’s DNA, a fact that is without a doubt most evident at the créa.tif space. There, twelve talented graphic and textile designers will be gathered to present their visions and share their passion for prints.

Paola Agostini (sissi_mum)

Founder, director and editor in chief at SissiWorld


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