Kid outfit ideas: gold&tropical

[one_half]Oggi tornano le idee per i vostri kid outfit nei toni di ciò che manca di più (metereologicamente parlando) in questi giorni: il sole.

Riflessi dorati illuminano un outfit semplice, perfetto per l’asilo, ma anche per le prime passeggiate al mare o le corse sui prati…[/one_half][one_half_last]Today again with kid outfits ideas, in shades of what we miss most (I’m talking about the weather report) these days: the sun.

Golden hues illuminate a simple outfit, perfect for kindergarten, but also for the first walks by the sea or races on the fields…[/one_half_last]

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Primavera: 10 capi che non possono mancare… part3: per noi mamme

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Time to renew our closet? This time we talk about mum-fashion: after girls and boys, finally it’s our time!

And here the question is more tricky… first of all because we do not have the luck to change size (and wardrobe) every year like our children, and also women can be divided into two main groups: those who buy many low -cost items (and maybe throw it all away before the end of the season), and those who buy less because prefer to purchase something “good”, sometimes even less trendy in fashion.

Once again the master in Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies opened my eyes: the fashion goes, the luxury remains. Declining it to a “normal” world: fast-fashion  low-cost brands always follow the latest trends, just to entice to buy, just to be in step with fashion, to make us “take the plunge” of a particular item with a low price; instead, high-fashion brands are increasingly “classical”, they follow trends, but in a less exaggerated way. What do you think? I think we are all a mix, but mostly I’m part of the second line of thought. And if I buy low-cost, I do not rely on Zara (I know, all you love Zara, but, because I have lived in Spain many years ago when you do not even know what Zara was, it does not convince me except for rare cases…), I always look fashionable brands, low-cost, but less inflated.

Simply I don’t like to wear garments that everybody wears.

So. Here is my selection of favorite garments for this spring

1. Spring is trench.

I choose THE trench, timeless. To buy one time and make it last. Really do I need to tell you the brand?

2. Fashionable: tulle.

This is from Asos Petite (I have already said that I’m quite short, isn’t it?)

3. Zadig&Voltaire

I love this brand with a rock soul.And  I’d buy this outfit RIGHT NOW.

4. Pants

My passion are prints and really I love these Balmain pants!

5. Still a skirt

On the other hand spring is for discovering legs, right? This is from Dolce&Gabbana.

6. Not a low-cost brand, but still accessible, that I really like is the Belgian American Outfitters.

Here is the proposal of a classic: the chemisier dress.

7. And more casual
8. Another affordable and quality brand

is the Spanish brand Nice Things, which always stands out for its prints.

9. Here are Adidas.

If I have to, I would choose those with wedge signed by Rita Ora.

10. A trend for this spring is sprung boots:

I can’t choose between these two models, the first from Gucci and the second from Burberry. Which you prefer?

Rinnoviamo l’armadio? Stavolta pensiamo a noi mamme: dopo le bimbe ed i bimbi, finalmente tocca A NOI!

Acne Studios

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Un kids outfit e lo scintillio di New York

[one_half]Non condivido più kids outfit quotidianamente, per una semplicissima ragione: non voglio annoiarvi con i soliti marchi (nel web ci sono tantissimi bei lookbook che potete sfogliare da soli!) ma piuttosto voglio segnalarvi solo cose nuove, abbinamenti particolari o diversi, marchi un po’ meno conosciuti, di qualità, belli.

Oggi l’outfit di Sissi è semplicissimo: in fondo è una t-shirt con un leggings, eppure…[/one_half][one_half_last]I do not share kids outfits every day, for a simple reason: I do not want to bore you with “common” brands (in the web there are lots of beautiful lookbook which you can browse on your own!), but rather I just want to tell something new, unusual or different combinations, some less-known brands, always high-quality, always beautiful.

Today‘s outfit for Sissi is very simple: basically it is a t-shirt with leggings, but... [/one_half_last]

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Buon sabato! Good saturday!

Stamattina dobbiamo sbrigare varie commissioni, tutti e tre insieme, ed anche se c’è il sole non mi fido… questa primavera è proprio fredda, io sono ancora ammalata e non vorrei che Sissi cada di nuovo… quindi l’unica soluzione è vestirsi a strati! Abbiamo scelto il bianco e blu, sempre chic, colori versatili e mai fuori moda: partiamo dalla blusa con la stampa “schizzata” di CdeC Cordelia de Castellane, in cotone. Abbiniamo i pantaloni bianchi in felpa leggera di Burberry. I calzini, blu, sono della collezione da bambino di Benetton Kids ed anche se non hanno fronzoli vanno benissimo con questo look. Le sneakers sono più modaiole, a pois gialli su fondo blu, di Veja Kids. Aggiungiamo altri strati: la felpa blu con le rouches di Benetton Kids e lo smanicato di un marchio olandese (Frendz) comprato l’anno scorso ad Amersfoort per una emergenza-freddo!

This morning we attend various things to do, all three together, and even if the sun is shining I do not trust this Spring, it is just cold, I’m still sick and I would not want Sissi be sick again… so the only solution is to dress in layers! We chose white and blue outfit, always chic, versatile colors and never out of fashion: we start from the blouse with the splashed” print from CdeC Cordelia de Castellane, in cotton. We match the white pants in lightweight sweatshirt from Burberry. The socks, blue, are from the boys collection of Benetton Kids, and even if they do not have frills, are fine with this look. The sneakers are the most fashionable with yellow polka dots on a blue background, from Veja Kids. We add other layers: the blue hoodie with ruffles from Benetton Kids and a sleeveless jacket from a Dutch brand (Frendz) bought last year in Amersfoort for an emergencycold!


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