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MUFFINS PART#2: vari gusti di muffin da preparare in un lampo

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I’ve already given the recipe here

But in this post I wanted to add the variations on the theme that I have experienced:

– Wholemeal flour: replace all the flour with 225 grams of wheat flour… wonderful because it has even fewer calories when combined with Stevia… I would recommend it to mothers on a diet (or even their children!)

– Blueberries: instead of chocolate powder and drops add 125 grams of fresh blueberries (which is just a pan that you can find at the counter of fruit at supermarket) …

– Banana: instead of chocolate powder and add 2 drops very ripe bananas mashed

– Banana and chocolate: as above but delete only the chocolate chips

– Apples: instead of chocolate powder and drops add 1 apple (any kind is fine) cutted into small cubes

– Apples and cinnamon: as above but with a handful of cinnamon

– Cappuccino: instead of chocolate powder and drops add an espresso

– Mokaccino: original recipe with the addition of an espresso

– White: no chocolate powder and drops and add one packet more of vanillin

These are the versions that I’ve tried … and I have to say that they go like hot cakes ! With tea, with coffee, alone … Sissi eat them (obviously not the coffee!) and their nutritional intake is right and much better than a thousand packaged crap .

I have also a no-sweet version… stay tuned ! 😉

La ricetta ve l’ho già data qui


Però volevo aggiungere in questo post le varianti sul tema che ho sperimentato:

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