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Giornata bella, piena, alcuni appuntamenti mancati, altri riusciti, anzi riuscitissimi! E anche, immancabile, un po’ di shopping!

Wonderful day, busy day, we missed some appointments but we respected others, that have gone very well! And also, a must, a little shopping!

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Buongiorno! Good morning!

Stamattina Sissi ha scoperto una nuova (almeno per noi) serie Disney, che mi ha fatto molto pensare su come quello che facciamo quando i nostri bimbi sono appena nati sia importante e dia loro una sorta di imprinting.

This morning Sissi has discovered a new (at least for us) Disney series, which made me think a lot about what we do when our children are just born and how much it is important that gives them a kind of imprinting.

Ma prima di parlarvi di questo, l’outfit di oggi! But before I tell you about this, the outfit for today!



Oggi sole, mare e tanta tanta tanta tanta… sabbia!

Today, sun, sea and lots and lots lots and lots of sand!

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Buonasera! Good evening!

Oggi finalmente andiamo al mare, a correre sulla spiaggia, a raccogliere qualche conchiglia, a mettere le mani nell’acqua, a giocare su scivolo ed altalena! Ma prima un buon pranzetto, poi magari un gelato… Today, finally, we go to the seaside, to run on the beach, collect some shells, put our hands in the water, playing on slides and swings! But first, a good lunch, then maybe an ice cream …  

L’outfit di Sissi deve essere comodo anzitutto, a strati perchè ancora all’ombra fa un po’ freddo ed in riva al mare c’è sempre un po’ di vento….  Sissi’s outfit should be comfortable above all, in layers because it is still a bit cold and at the sea there is always a bit of wind…. Continua la lettura di TO THE SEASIDE OUTFIT

Blumarine Baby Jeans: SKIRT OUTFIT

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Finally the sun! And off for a day of walking, racing, shopping!

Sissi’s outfit is casual and spring: the denim skirt with tulle flounces, in beige with glitter, it’s from Blumarine Baby Jeans and is perfect with the liberty blouse from CdeC. We add a little cardigan, beige, from Mayoral Chic: yet her health is not 100% and I do not want surprises … The tights, in cream, perforated, are from Calzedonia Kids and Naturino sneakers make it all very casual.

Have a great weekend!

Finalmente sole!

E via ad una giornata di passeggio, di corse, di shopping!  

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Sissi sta un po’ meglio, con tosse… mentre io comincio a cedere all’influenza… papà è già ammalato: insomma non siamo messi un granchè bene! 🙁 Dato che stiamo quasi impazzendo in casa, oggi abbiamo cambiato un po’ aria e siamo andate a trovare nonna Iaia.  Continua la lettura di ROCK&FLOWER KIDS OUTFIT

MOLO KIDS OUTFIT per Sissi: stampe digitali per il marchio danese

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Very busy day today, since it lacks just 1 WEEK to the birthday of Sissi !

Today is warm, atypical for this season, so the day is ideal for this dress from Molo Kids. This Danish brand is truly exceptional , not only for his prints and the quality of the garments, we love it also especially for the fit: the presence of 10% elastane allows a “skinny” fit without sacrificing comfort and agility in movement. Result: this autumnal print dress is tight enough (the size is 86 cm although Sissi is almost 2 years – in theory a 92 cm) and despite this Sissi can make any movement, even the most daring!

Given that today she is not wearing the down jacket (too warm), but the coat (this one) we decide to put on a cardigan for safety: the one from Blumarine Baby Jeans is perfect! Even the tights, in microfiber, black, are a bit lighter than usual and are from Calzedonia Kids. We add the MAA shoes and let’s go! 

Oggi giornata molto impegnata, dato che manca 1 SETTIMANA al compleanno di Sissi!

Il caldo, atipico per questa stagione, ci accompagna e la giornata è ideale per il vestito di Molo Kids.

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S.Valentino è tradizionalmente la festa degli innamorati e come sempre si propongono cene, discoteche, hotel, spa, tutto dedicato alla coppia. Io non me la sento, se è vero che oggi si festeggia l’amore, allora lo festeggeremo noi 3 insieme perchè siamo una famiglia e ci amiamo, in modo diverso, ma ci amiamo tutti e tre. Valentine’s Day is traditionally the feast of love and as always they offer dinners, clubs, hotels, spas, all dedicated to the couple. I do not feel like doing this, if it is true that today we celebrate love, then the 3 of us will celebrate together because we are a family and we love each other, in different ways, but we love all three.


NEW BLOUSE OUTFIT: bluse per bambine

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Ok, we succumbed to the passion for Pale Cloud (do you remember? We talked about it here, here and here)!

Since the latest collections start at 4 years old and Sissi has almost 2, we found some of the past seasons clothes in a beautiful and elegant online store that soon I will talk about, and those collections started from the size 2 years! In fact, to be sure of the size we have also contacted the always friendly Ian Reynolds directly from Pale Cloud …

Result: lots of summer clothes for Sissi and a blouse: one for her and for me (size 14 years 😉 )…

At the blouse I could not resist… and so today is part of the outfit of Sissi! But let’s start in order beginning with the cardigan from Blumarine Baby Jeans: warm, soft, with fun and feminine color, with lots of ruffles and closed with two buttons. The blouse is from Pale Cloud, in cream, in mixed cotton and silk, lined in cotton, with gold buttons, the fold on the front, sleeves are lighter because they are in silk and not lined (that’s why we use a cardigan warm enough). This blouse is pretty much THE BLOUSE, perfect with everything, versatile with any outfit, from casual to elegant, the transparent sleeves give a very chic touch! The size is perfect (but not small, so she can wear it in the coming months and, fingers crossed, perhaps in September 😉 ), neither long nor short, neither tight nor wide… Today we decided to give the casual version and then we match it with Benetton Kids jeans, socks from Calzedonia Kids and high sneakers from MAA shoes.

What do you think? 

Ok, abbiamo ceduto alla passione per Pale Cloud (vi ricordate? Ne abbiamo parlato qui, qui e anche qui)! 

Dato che le ultime collezioni partono dai 4 anni e Sissi ne ha quasi 2, abbiamo trovato in uno splendido e raffinato negozio online di cui presto vi parlerò qualche capo delle stagioni passate, le cui collezioni partivano dalla taglia 2 anni! In realtà per essere sicure della taglia abbiamo anche contattato il sempre gentilissimo Ian Reynolds di Pale Cloud…

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Today we just relaxed, we decided to take a walk after lunch and, inevitably, a trip to the rides …

The outfit for Sissi is comfortable: soft light fleece pants from Gucci Kids, in pale pink with some glitter, combine well with the flowers of the t-shirt from Zara Kids (which is becoming really tight ;-)), the socks from Calzedonia Kids and Adidas Kids high sneakers.

Since it seems pretty cool, I add the cardigan from Blumarine Baby Jeans

Oggi siamo proprio rilassati, abbiamo deciso di fare una passeggiata dopo pranzo e, immancabilmente, un giro alle giostrine…

L’outfit di Sissi è comodo: i pantaloni morbidi di felpa leggera di Gucci Kids, rosa tenue con qualche scintillio, si abbinano bene ai fiori della t-shirt di Zara Kids (che sta diventano davvero “precisina” ;-)), ai calzini di Calzedonia Kids ed alle sneakers alte di Adidas Kids. Dato che mi sembra abbastanza freddo, aggiungiamo il cardigan di Blumarine Baby Jeans