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Tonight I want to tell you about how it becomes difficult to carve out time for a perfumed shower ( maybe a nice bath with fullfilled tub … )  , at least 15 minutes in the shower by themselves, to feel the warm water flowing over us … all mothers know that after the birth of our beloved baby this dream seems more like an illusion!

So these 15 minutes ( better 30! ) of absolute peace and quiet, maybe in the evening when your baby is  sleeping , become a MUM ‘S TREAT ! And we deserve also some special products , super fragrant, which makes us feel even a little sexy and beautiful !

I would recommend these , because I really love them , they are quite organic ( no parabens , SLS , etc …) and they make you feel really good.

Sanctuary Spa

The whole body line of this wonderful Spa located in Covent Garden in London (but also in other cities including Cambridge, where I was personally ;-)) is excellent ! Delicate , with a great scent , it has a wide variety of bath oils , shower gels , scrubs, but my favorite is the ” 12 hour Moisturising Shower Cream” that will really leave your skin hydrated for 12 hours ( and maybe even more! ) .


These are organic products , really good , made with natural essences and aromatherapy . My favorite is the Gorgeous Cow Blissful Bath & Shower Gel . Promises to make you feel “blessed” and on me it really works! But you can also try the other fragrances (relaxing , invigorating , uplifting , …) , I’m sure you will not be disappointed ! Personally I also use the hand cream : very good !


This brand is mostly vegan. I can’t live without the wonderful smell of rose, goji berries and argan ! I am using the shower gel Queen of Rose combined with the body balm Queen of Rose: the latter is used as a balm , then spreads over damp skin , you leave it for a bit and then rinse … and there is no need to put the moisturizer because the skin is pure silk !

And now I can tell you GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!!!!! 


Stasera voglio parlarvi di quanto diventi difficile ritagliarsi il tempo per una bella doccia (magari un bagno con la bella vasca piena e schiumosa…) profumata, almeno 15 minuti sotto la doccia da sole, per sentire l’acqua che scorre tiepida su di noi… tutte le mamme sanno che dopo la nascita del nostro adorato bebè questo sogno sembra più una chimera!

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