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Un outfit fiorito firmatissimo con qualche chiarimento: Dolce&Gabbana Junior e Stella Kids

dolce & gabbana junior

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Today a new week begins: it will be brief because from Thursday Sissi will be on vacation for Easter holidays… also I hate Mondays: always.

Then it takes an outfit that makes us thinking of the spring, of days of light and sun that will come, of beautiful moments that we will spend together outdoors… I talk about the future because in reality the days are still fresh and we are still ill…

Our floral outfit consists of “big” brands and I hope you do not think that I’m contradictory.

So I want to explain…

I abandoned some famous luxury brands with which I dress every day Sissi for her first two years: thanks to the blog, thanks to this article, thanks to my eshop (it is obvious that I buy things also for Sissi, isn’t it?). The mea culpa is on (many) money spent, but actually spent in good faith believing to buy the best for my daughter .. then the reflection goes on brands for children (also as a result of what I learned in the master I attended the SDA Bocconi in Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies): are they really clothes for children or quite a status symbol with which we grace our little but of which we parents are proud?

As Mom, I admit: both.

Obviously I was proud and happy to see my baby dressed from Burberry/Dior/Gucci/etc… But at the same time I thought that I was wearing her also of high quality. And I was wrong: toxic fashion, fabrics soft because treated with so many chemicals, a lot of money down the drain. And beautiful photos: on what it is not discussed.

My change of course benefited the wallet (in part), it opened my eyes, prompted me to search, discover and obviously share with those who read me: but this is my blog, its identity, who follows me knows well.

So why today an outfit with luxury brands?

Because Stella McCartney, who has many children, perhaps is reasoning as a mom: beautiful clothes, fair prices, good quality, many garments in organic cotton: in a word, successfull.

Dolce & Gabbana: because the quality is great, the clothes are made in Italy (at least), because I love their prints and, not least, because at every Pitti I compel my poor husband to do the dutiful stop at Dolce & Gabbana outlet (the factory, not in a village). I will not be of those bloggers who buy at the outlet and then pretend millionaires outfits: I tell you the truth, the way things are (in fact if you want to address, write me).

Oggi comincia una nuova settimana: sarà breve perchè Sissi da giovedì è in vacanza per le festività Pasquali… inoltre io odio i lunedì: da sempre.

Allora ci vuole un outfit che ci faccia pensare alla primavera, alle giornate di luce e sole che arriveranno, ai bei momenti che passeremo insieme all’aria aperta… parlo al futuro perchè in realtà le giornate sono ancora fresche e noi siamo ancora raffreddate…

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