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Ed ecco  i 5 top del mese di APRILE (vi siete persi marzo? Eccolo qua)! L’ordine è alfabetico…

And here are our APRIL top 5 (if you missed March, here it is!) The order is alphabetical …

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Filobio presenta per l’estate una straordinaria Capsule Collection disegnata da Sheere Lee, luxury designer di New York creatrice del brand Tane Organics.

Filobio presents for this summer, a unique capsule collection designed by Lee Sheere, luxury designer of New York‘s creative brand Tane Organics.

Una speciale collaborazione tra i due brand che condividono valori e mission: produzioni secondo i principi del fair trade con cotone bio di altissima qualità proveniente dal Peru’. La nuova Capsule Collection si compone di una serie limitata di capi dalle pregiate finiture, filati di origine naturale e dal design contemporaneo.
La linea di abitini easy-chic per le bimbe si declina in due modelli nei colori bianco naturale, stone grey e rosa.

A special collaboration between the two brands that share common values ​​and mission: production according to the principles of fair trade with organic cotton of the highest quality coming from Perù. The new Capsule Collection is composed of a limited set of garments with fine finishes, natural yarns and contemporary design.
The line of easy-chic dresses for little girls comes in two models, in white natural, stone gray and pink.


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It’s when summer comes that the quality of the fabrics in contact with the skin of our children is more important than ever.

Health and well-being also pass through the skin, for this reason since 2006 Filobio produces clothing in full respect of nature, dedicating to infants from 0 to 24 months, and to their mothers products entirely made of certified organic cotton. I have spoken of this Italian company here too, do you remember?

Filobio presents its summer garments where design and capacity of the Italian textiles factory are combined with respect for man and the environment: the fabrics and accessories chosen are all of natural origin, while the attention to detail, handmade, guarantee durability.

The supple and velvety skin of the babies is a constant source of inspiration for the collections of Filobio. Clean lines enriched with small but fine details accompany the collections season after season. The soft and natural colors enhance the features of the baby while the soft tissues surround him with softness.

For spring summer 2014, the Basic collection from Filobio is embellished with fresh and sweet news.

Super-soft organic cotton fleece models such as mini shorts are combined with funny t-shirts in light cotton jersey in beige. The funny embroidered and screen-printedgoose is dressed in bright colors with extravagant sunglasses and ipod for boys and with bow and red necklace for girls.

Two new variations of the classic mascot Filobio which are also found in the entire onesie, ideal for any walk in the park or by the sea.

Finally a fun composition, consisting of a tank top and shorts, wears our babies during the most sunny days leaving them free to move pampered by a natural freshness.

E’ proprio quando arriva l’estate che è più che mai importante la qualità dei tessuti a contatto con la pelle dei nostri bimbi. 

La salute ed il benessere passano anche dalla pelle, per questo Filobio produce dal 2006 capi d’abbigliamento nel pieno rispetto della natura dedicando ai neonati, da 0 a 24 mesi, e alle loro mamme prodotti confezionati interamente con cotone biologico certificato. Vi ho parlato di questa azienda tutta italiana anche qui, ricordate?

FILOBIO pe 2014 indossato

Filobio presenta i suoi capi estivi dove design e capacità del tessile italiano si sposano con il rispetto dell’uomo e dell’ambiente: i tessuti e gli accessori scelti sono tutti di origine naturale, mentre la cura nei dettagli, realizzati a mano, sono garanzia di durevolezza.

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Top del mese


Ed ecco (un po’ in ritardo questo mese…) i 5 top del mese di marzo (vi siete persi febbraaio? Eccolo qua)! L’ordine è alfabetico… And here are (a little late this month) the top 5 of March (if you missed February, here it is!) The order is alphabetical …

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Come vestire i neonati: FILOBIO FOR NEWBORNS

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Since my dearest friend , A. , had her twins (now they are 10 days old!)  I’m looking at things for newborns… with a lot of tenderness and a bit of nostalgia: although Sissi is only 2 years old, it seems to me a century has passed since the time of the rompers! After dedicating to her babies some selections (my post here) , waiting for the choice of the new mother, I went to look for the material I had collected at Pitti Bimbo 78 on the Italian brand that puts the baby at the center of his world: Filobio.

This Italian company has been making clothes since 2006 in the total respect of nature. The garments are of excellent quality, made of certified organic cotton, ideal because no chemical treatments are harmful to health. The serigraphs are hand made without PVC, the buttons are nickel-free. Dyes, with no heavy metals, are zero-environmental impact and is guaranteed the absence of formaldehyde. The fabrics chosen and the attention to detail , handmade, are a guarantee of durability.

Every child that is born is the most beautiful and special gift for a mom: imagine my dearest friend who has two children, to worship, to love, to cuddle! To celebrate the happy event of the birth Filobio presented at Pitti Bimbo 78 thier new line dedicated to gifts for the creatures on the way. Unique products to give or to treat yourself: accessories and clothing first, from 0 to 9 months, with the release of the brand new exclusive goose- texture declined in chic shades of pink, blue and natural.

The cotton comes from organic farming, the colors are zero impact on the environment and free of heavy metals.

The range includes all the baby clothes for excellence: here are the kimono bodysuits with short sleeve or sleeveless, the useful babygrows, two pieces pajamas.

To complete and enrich the set of new mothers, as well as bibs, also some nice baby gloves, the slippers and a funny hat with a knot.

Da quando la mia più cara amica, A., ha avuto i suoi gemelli (oggi hanno 10 giorni!!!) non faccio che guardare cose da bebè… con tantissima tenerezza e un po’ di nostalgia: anche se Sissi ha solo 2 anni, mi sembra passato un secolo dai tempi delle tutine! Dopo aver dedicato varie selezioni di abiti (qui il mio post), attendendo la scelta della neo-mamma, sono andata a cercare il materiale che avevo raccolto al Pitti Bimbo 78 sul brand italiano che pone il neonato al centro del suo mondo: Filobio.

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