Hotel Baltic, Giulianova: sentirsi a casa

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 Do you remember the offer for September at Baltic Hotel? Well. We’ve been there , from September 6th to 8th and those who follow me on Instagram has been able to see some shots.

We had never been in a Family hotel and, to tell the whole truth, so far we had a little snubbed this kind of hotels, we love on the road travels, travels lived to the full, unusual destinations, museums, I hate that resorts and rather I prefer a quiet and deserted beach in Holland at Easter… but… at Baltic Hotel I changed my mind: after all you do not have to think about anything, you can pack your luggage in peace and if you forget something, they are prepared for any eventuality and needs of your child. From baby bottles to books, from games to potty, bottle warmer or strollers

Activities are organized according to schedules and of course are very precise, always geared to the needs of children. It depends on you: if you want to make only beach life”, you will find a wide beautiful beach with umbrellas and beach games for children and adults. But there are also hiking, Nordic walking, cycling, fitness, creative workshops for mothers, educational workshops for children… besides the relaxing pinewood, the bar is always open, and there are so many games for children, swimming pool, pingpong...

At Baltic Hotel they also think about us, the moms: I have not attended the course on baby-sling because now Sissi has 30 months, but I rather enjoyed very much the course about books and how to read them to our children taught by Margherita, who was very expert in the “Nati per Leggere” (=Born to Read) project (the hotel adheres to this project and has an authentic library from which you can borrow books suitable for your children at all times of the day).

Another strong point, even I dare to say very strong, at Baltic Hotel is the restaurant.

They have ababy menu” designed especially for them by the chef and nutritionist. The maitre Dino treats the little guests really as “guests“, he asks if the food is fine, chats with them, entertains them, offers different colors and placemats to write/color. The food itself is like the one you prepare at home: really, trust me. I’m a mom who have always cooked all alone at home, avoiding prepackaged foods, I’m obsessed with organic food and with the principles of healthy and balanced nutrition. Sissi is a good eater, but when we travel she always eats just a few: instead at Baltic Hotel she has always eaten everything, just like at home.

People. At the end the human side makes all the difference.

Francesca, I’m talking to you, but not only: I would like to remember the names of everybody but my memory (short) stops me the girls at the reception, kind and sweet with Sissi. The boys of animation, patients, always. With a smile, always. Even with so many children, even in the midst of whims. The girls at the bar, friendly and nice. And last and not least (of course), the director: yes. A man: I would have said that behind a so well-organized management there was a mom… instead, a director who understands the needs of families with children, including that guests with children need simple: they need everything that you can find at Baltic Hotel!


One thought for those who say that Giulianova is a very quiet place. Yes, it is. But this is right: it is a family hotel, a place for families, where in the evening you can dance, laugh and joke with animation (really well done). But then, you go to sleep, the children go to sleep, and they are respected. If you then want to go to Pacha every night with children of two years, I can recommend a good plane to Ibiza and you, in return, will explain to me how do you go clubbing till 6 in the morning for a week with your little children. Thanks.

Vi ricordate l’offerta per settembre al mare dell’Hotel Baltic? Bene. Ci siamo stati anche noi, dal 6 all’8 di settembre e chi mi segue su Instagram ha potuto vedere qualche scatto.



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