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Il mio kids shopping in saldo… sognando elefanti e Der Blaue Reiter

Ieri è avvenuto il lancio ufficiale della nuova collezione promavera estate 2016 di Bobo Choses intitolata Der Blaue Reiter: una collezione molto attesa quella del brand spagnolo dall’animo un po’ hippy e dallo stile bohemienne.

Yesterday was the official launch of the new spring summer 2016 Bobo Choses collection entitled Der Blaue Reiter: a very expected collection of the Spanish brand with a hippie soul and bohemian style.

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Here we are again!

Sales are winding down, a few sizes left, a few models left, BUT with a little luck and foresight (perhaps it may be useful my sales tips and a look at the trends for the next fall/winter season directly from Pitti Bimbo) we’ll be able to do some real bargains! What do you think?

Here is my list, I highly recommend if you know other online stores, report on comments below! 

P.S. The order is purely random and I do not gain anything 😉 !

CdeC   sales up to 70%

MONKEY MC COY   sales up to 70%


COZY KIDZ  sales up to 50% on scandinavian brands

MILIBE COPENHAGEN  sales up to 50%

CHILDRENSALON  sales up to 70% on a lot of luxury brands

ALEX AND ALEXA sales up to 70% on a lot of luxury brands

MINI RODINI sales up to 50% 

SCANDINAVIAN MINIMALL sales up to 70% on scandinavian brands

BONNIE BABY  sales up to 70% on F/W collection

FOUR MONKEYS   sales up to 50%

I DREAM ELEPHANTS sales up to 70%

SOFT GALLERY  sales up to 40%

STELLA MC CARTNEY KIDS sales up to 50%

SUSIE AND TOTO    sales up to 40%

KIDSEN  sales up to 50% on scandinavian brands

CLOUDO KIDS  sales up to 50%

MY LITTLE SQUARE sales up to 50%

ELIAS&GRACE   sales up to 70%

SMALLABLE  sales up to 50-70%

I LOVE GORGEOUS   sales up to 50% (60% on a selection of clothes)

LOUIS LOUISE sales up to 50-60%

THALIA&BUBU sales up to 70% (toys 50% off)

Eccoci di nuovo qui!

I saldi sono agli sgoccioli, poche taglie rimaste, pochi modelli rimasti, MA con un po’ di fortuna e lungimiranza (magari può essere utile la mia guida all’acquisto durante i saldi e uno sguardo alle tendenze per la prossima stagione invernale direttamente dal Pitti Bimbo) si riescono a fare dei veri affari!!! Che ne dite?

Ecco la mia lista, mi raccomando se conoscete altri negozi online, segnalateli nei commenti! 

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Eccoci di nuovo qui! Here we are again!

I saldi sono cominciati da quasi un mese in UK e da quindici giorni in Italia: questo vuol dire ulteriori sconti! Ma anche minore disponibilità di taglie e modelli… Ad ogni modo, con le idee più chiare dopo aver visto le tendenze per la prossima stagione invernale al Pitti Bimbo (avete letto qui tutti i trend?), vale la pena di cercare un po’, magari seguendo i miei “sales tips” (qui)! Che ne dite? Sales started from nearly a month in the UK and in Italy from 15 days: that means more discounts! But even less availability of sizes and models… However, with a better idea after seeing the trends for the coming winter season at Pitti Bimbo (you read here all the trends?), it is worthwhile to look a bit, perhaps following my “sales tips” (here)! What do you think?

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Buonasera! Good evening!

Dopo i consigli su cosa comprare ai saldi di qualche tempo fa e la lista aggiornata dei negozi online, che ora hanno cose davvero molto scontate, stasera voglio consigliarvi una room su Mychildworld di cose che comprerei senza pensarci due volte (purtroppo le taglie si stanno esaurendo rapidamente…)! Following my tips on what to buy on sales and the updated list of online stores that now have things really discounted, tonight I want to recommend you a room on Mychildworld of clothes I would buy without thinking twice (unfortunately sizes are running out quickly…)!


P.S. Ci tengo a specificare che questi non sono post sponsorizzati, nè guadagno nulla parlando di saldi, room, negozi online o facendo brand reviews! I want to specify that these are not sponsored posts, nor gain anything by talking about sales, room, online stores, or by brand reviews!

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SALES TIPS: consigli per i saldi (intelligenti)

DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? Click HERE for English text
Sales , sales, sales … we receive thousands of emails a day with news of further discounts, go around and see the windows papered with discounts, we’re on internet and we are overwhelmed by a lot of banners with sales and discounts … and at the end we buy, relentlessly we give in! But the main question is “What do we buy?”.

If you do not follow fads, anything goes. But if you like a little fashion and want to play in advance (which to me seems even intelligent with children clothes), you should buy clothes making guided by these few rules:

1) Buy clothes useful in spring

But what will be trendy this spring? It is very simple because many brands have already the spring collections, so just take a look in the area of “New Arrivals” and search in the sale zone for the same colors, lines, patterns … especially for this spring ( I do not speak of summer because I doubt that in sales you will find t-shirts with short sleeves for your children …) will be very trendy pastel colors (salmon, yellow, light blue , light green , …). Also have a look at this article about Pitti Bimbo 77

2) Buy “all purpose” clothes

Among these clothes, the most useful in my opinion is denim first of all (you can use it in the spring or next winter, a jeans is always a jeans… ): jeans , skirts, dresses, overalls, shorts, I would not venture on denim shirts because I think (unless they are a bit elastic) they are too uncomfortable for children. I would add the blue (not black, which to my mind darkens much for the kids … and our girls will have a lifetime to “be more thin” with black ! ) and white (a white shirt or t-shirt is always beautiful, in every season). For girls: tights (in one color). And then underwear and pajamas: is it worth to buy good things, on the other hand our children wear underwear for all the day and pajamas for at least 10 hours at night …

3) Buy outerwear

A beautiful down jacket, from a good brand (who follows me knows that I love Moncler), at 50% is really a bargain but also a jacket to use for spring or a fine knit cardigan (in cotton) for summer evenings or if you can not resist (I hate them), even a 100 gr (light) down jacket…

4) Buy some clothes from luxury brands

Yes, even for our children, because beyond the brand itself there is a difference and not just be seen, especially feels. And those who wear these garments, they, our children, have their skin white as snow, delicate… and with discounts of 50-60%, prices become affordable! For example, it is always very classic Burberry , the iconic check every year going around here and there on their t-shirt (elbow, shoulder, sleeve…) and polo but in the end it is always Burberry: excellent quality, durability infinite, always classy. The same goes for classic luxury brands like Chloe, Armani , Fendi…

About shoes: obviously impossible to reason for seasons… you end up with lots of unused shoes because the growth of their foot is unpredictable (even if they say a number every 3 months, you might be surprised …), but if (as Sissi) your child has just changed the number, I’d say you’re lucky ! Or if (like me) you have a number for children (35) you could buy some beautiful sneakers!

Saldi, saldi, saldi… ci arrivano mille mail al giorno con notizie di ulteriori sconti, andiamo in giro e vediamo vetrine tappezzate da sconti, navighiamo e siamo sommersi dai banner con saldi e sconti… e noi alla fine compriamo/compreremo, inesorabilmente cederemo! Ma la domanda principale è “Cosa compriamo?”

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Eccoci qui! Here we are!

I saldi sono cominciati da ormai una settimana in UK e da oggi in Italia. Avevamo parlato qui di varie offerte pre-saldi… ho pensato quindi di scrivere un nuovo post con tutti i link ai negozi online che vorrei tenere aggiornato, anche con il vostro aiuto!  Che ne dite? Sales are now started from a week in the UK and in Italy today. We talked here of various pre-sales offers… I thought then to write a new post with all the links to the online stores that I would like to keep updated, possibly with your help! What do you think?

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