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Clementino Linea Mamma Baby: nuovi arrivi. Amido di riso

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I’ve already talked some time ago about Linea Mamma Baby (here’s the post!).

Today I want to introduce a new product: Clementino, the little yellow chick, symbol for the rice starch 100% natural, small and delicate, soft, just like the skin of babies. But even of older children: I know because something around her 10 months, Sissi has suffered from dermatitis, which fortunately went away with two months of treatment and research on my part to specific products. And I never let my guard down, only organic bath products, certified without parabens, SLS, SLES, etc… We are currently using the baby shower & shampoo Jack” from Linea Mamma Baby.

But for the summer definitely I’ll keep on hand also Clementino!

First of all: what is rice starch?

The rice starch is nothing but rice, first softened, then milled, separated, dried and finally powdered.

Why use it?

The rice starch, dissolved in the bath, is the more delicate solution for bathing your baby: in addition to ensuring proper hygiene, it is also an excellent anti-inflammatory, soothing and softening the skin, to be preferred to the most aggressive soaps. It’s also an excellent absorbent and protective (we are in summer: attention to prickly heat!) and you can use it instead of talc, with the difference that it does not clog pores allowing the skin to breathe.

How to use it?

The convenience of the package of rice starch Linea Mamma Baby is that it practically has  pre-measured packets. In the pack there are 5 bags: for the bathroom of an adult is recommended to dissolve 2 bags in warm water, for bathing your baby just 1 bag. It will not foam, but be careful, not to say that not cleanse (usually foaming agents and fragrances are just the most irritating compounds), the baby’s skin will remain soft, velvety, any redness will be less visible.

For those of you who have the good habit of reading the INCI, rice starch is presented in the labels of cosmetics under the name of Oryza sativa.

Vi avevo già parlato tempo fa di Linea Mamma Baby (ecco il post!).

Oggi voglio presentarvi un nuovo prodotto: Clementino, il piccolo pulcino giallo, simbolo dell’amido di riso naturale 100%, piccolo e delicato, soffice, proprio come la pelle dei neonati. Ma anche dei bimbi più grandi: io ne so qualcosa, attorno ai 10 mesi Sissi ha sofferto di dermatite, che per fortuna è passata con 2 mesi di cura e ricerca da parte mia di prodotti appositi. E non ho più abbassato la guardia: solo prodotti da bagno bio, certificati senza parabeni, SLS, SLES, ecc… Attualmente stiamo utilizzando proprio il doccia shampoo baby “Giacomino” di Linea Mamma Baby.


amido riso linea mamma baby

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