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Do you remember? We had already talked about the mini-me version of the Bensimon tennis as an idea for Mother’s Day. 

With this new collection, however, nature is the undisputed sovereign of the Hawaiian Islands and it is reflected in the colorful prints of the limited edition of Bensimon: music , surfing, volcanoes and moonlight.

The Pacific wind carries the colors and flavors of these distant lands and reinterprets them in a paradisiac collection. The legendary tennis stain with images and messages filled with joy and good omen as the name of the collection.
Aloha is more than just a simple hello or goodbye. Its deeper meaning implies ” the joy (aho) sharing (alo) life energy (ha)”.

Distributed in a limited edition, the tennis in 100 % cotton and rubber sole are available in the woman version (50 euro) and in the pretty enfant version  (45 euro ) .
Good summer… Aloha!

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Available in their shop online.

Ricordate? Avevamo già parlato della versione mini-me delle tennis Bensimon come idea per la festa della mamma.

Con questa nuova collezione, è invece la natura sovrana e incontrastata delle isole Hawaiane che si riflette nelle stampe variopinte della limited edition di Bensimon: musica, surf, vulcani e chiari di luna.

Aloha Bensimon on sissiworld

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Il look mini-me è sempre più di tendenza e proposto dalle principali firme della moda. E, ad essere sincera, questo concetto non mi piace moltissimo perchè credo che i bambini debbano essere tali e probabilmente vestire Sissi come me significherebbe vederla scomoda, una finta donna invece di una bimba allegra che corre qua e là! 

In questo caso però il look mini-me mi piace perchè interessa solo una parte dell’abbigliamento, in particolare le scarpe! Bensimon da sempre propone le famose tennis nelle stesse fantasie in special edition per la donna e il bambino, ma anche nei colori basic per l’uomo.

The mini-me look is more and more fashionable and proposed by the major fashion brands. And, to be honest, I do not really like this concept because I believe that children should be “children” and probably dress Sissi like me would make me see her being uncomfortable, a fake woman instead of a cheerful girl running here and there!

In this case, however, I like the mini-me look because it affect only a part of the clothing: shoes! Bensimon has always produced the famous tennis in the same fantasies in a special edition for the woman and the child, but also in basic colors for men.

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