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Kids fashion: è tempo dei capispalla per bambine!

Ormai superata la metà di novembre e l’estate di San Martino, anche le giornate più limpide e serene sono diventate fredde ed è quindi ora di indossare giacconi e piumini: i cosiddetti capispalla per bambine, che in inverno vale la pena siano davvero importanti, non tanto come nome, ma come qualità.


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Un kids outfit per l’asilo: ode alla blusa

Come vestire i bambini per l’asilo?


Bandite le tute, che lasciamo al giorno di educazione motoria, che tuttavia non disdegnamo proposte nella versione spezzata (felpa con i jeans o leggings e pantaloni con una tee), il nostro capo preferito è la blusa.Read More

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9 Essential Summer Pale Cloud Looks

[one_half]I saldi estivi di Pale Cloud sono già cominciati con sconti fino al 50% sulla collezione SS15.

Avete già visto i nostri acquisti del mese scorso qui, ma stavolta vale davvero la pena dare uno sguardo!

Abbiamo scelto 9 Looks Pale Cloud must per l’estate, tutti con incredibili sconti e spedizione internazionale gratuita.[/one_half] [one_half_last]The Pale Cloud Summer Sale is now on with up to 50% Off SS15 styles.

You already saw our last month shopping here, but today it’s really worth to look at their web!

We have picked 9 Essential Summer Pale Cloud Looks for you, all with incredible savings and Free International Shipping available.[/one_half_last]

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Pale Cloud SS15: Sissi’s shopping


Il pizzo. Questo pizzo romantico mi porta indietro nel tempo: mi fa pensare ai vestiti delle nonne, al sapone di Marsiglia, alla lavanda.

Eppure Pale Cloud riesce a coniugare materiali di qualità eccellente, proprio come quelli usati una volta, senza incursioni di tessuti sintetici, proprio quelli amati dal fast-fashion odierno (e non solo, purtroppo), con tagli e linee moderne.[/one_half][one_half_last]

Lace. This romantic lace takes me back in time: it makes me think of the clothes of grandmothers, Marsiglia soap, scent of lavender.

Yet Pale Cloud combines high-quality materials, just like the ones used once, and no incursions of synthetic fabrics, so loved by fast-fashion today (and not only, unfortunately), with modern lines and cuts.[/one_half_last]


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Primavera: 10 capi che non possono mancare… part1

[one_half]…nell’armadio della vostra bimba!

Ovviamente…. da cosa doveva iniziare questa rassegna di capi must-have per la primavera? Dalle bimbe: il mio pensiero è andato immediatamente all’armadio di Sissi…[/one_half] [one_half_last]Spring: 10 must-have clothes in the closet of your little girl!

Obviously…. I decided to start from girls: my thoughts went immediately to the closet of Sissi [/one_half_last] Read More

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Outfit per un compleanno


Oggi non è il compleanno di Sissi: è domani. Ma domani voglio dedicare i miei pensieri a lei e solo lei.

Perciò oggi vi mostro l’outfit della giornata di domani. Già scelto, già lavato, già stirato…

Abbiamo la s-fortuna di celebrare questo compleanno in casa, tra pochi parenti ed amici stretti perchè Sissi è ancora convalescente e quindi per ora niente scuola con festa annessa.

[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Today it isn’t Sissi’s birthday: it is tomorrow. But tomorrow I want to dedicate my thoughts to her and only her.

So today I’ll show you the outfit for tomorrow. Already chosen, already washed, already ironed

We have the s-fortune to celebrate this birthday at home, with a few relatives and close friends because Sissi is still recovering and so for now no school and no party.


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Pale Cloud FW15 @Pitti Bimbo 80


Di solito comincio sempre il mio viaggio attraverso il Pitti Bimbo proprio dalla sezione Apartment: un luogo magico, negli spazi del Lyceum, ogni volta allestiti con maestria dalla designer Ilaria Marelli. Apartment ospita pochi marchi contemporanei, all’avanguardia, dallo stile internazionale e dalla visione moderna.

Quest’anno, invece, il mio Pitti Bimbo è terminato con la visita alla sezione Apartment. In tutta onestà, ho per un attimo avuto un dubbio se tornare a casa: ero un po’ influenzata, stanca… ma non potevo non visitare Pale Cloud, non potevo non ammirare dal vivo la collezione autunno/inverno 2015, al suo lancio proprio a Firenze. Lo sforzo è valso la pena.

[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Usually I always start my journey through Pitti Bimbo from Apartment section: a magical place in the Lyceum, always masterfully prepared by designer Ilaria Marelli. Apartment houses few contemporary and cutting-edge brands with an international style and a modern vision.

This year, however, my Pitti Bimbo ended with a visit to Apartment. In all honesty, I briefly had a doubt whether to go home: I was a little sick and tired but I had to visit Pale Cloud, I had to see live their fall/winter 2015 collection, at its launch just in Florence. The effort was worth it.



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Alcuni li chiamano HAUL, bottini

A me piacciono i saldi, ma non posso certo dire di fare grandi bottini da Zara o Mango o H&M (per citarne giusto tre)… piuttosto continuo a comprare online dai negozi che adoro (ecco la mia lista, che tra qualche giorno aggiornerò per lo sprint finale) oppure approfitto per prendere cose di qualità. Da Zara, come vi raccontavo tempo fa (precisamente qui) preferisco prendere qualche capo prima dei saldi, quando c’è meno confusione ed ancora scelta: in fin dei conti il 50% di un prezzo già low-cost non costituisce un gran risparmio… sbaglio?Read More

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Pale Cloud SS2015 Collection is arriving!

DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? Click HERE for English text!

While we’re preparing to admire the new autumn/winter 2015-16 collection, to be launched in a few days at Pitti Bimbo (here is the article with some anticipation), the spring/summer 2015  collection of my beloved Pale Cloud is already arriving in stores.

I’ve had the pleasure to touch this wonderful collection at last Pitti Bimbo (Do you remember? Here’s the post). Creative Director, Marion Reynolds, explains her inspiration: ‘SS15 sees Pale Cloud moving into a range of fresh prints on light weight fabrics with silhouettes and colours inspired by ancient Japanese culture.’

Marion explains ‘this is the largest and most diverse collection I have designed so far. We have used some new fabrics that have the luxurious handfeel that Pale Cloud customers have come to expect but are easier to wear for busy girls. The colours are bolder and I had a lot of fun designing and drawing the prints, especially the variations of the Veiltail Fish!’.

It‘s just that I love about this collection: over the beautiful clothes that Pale Cloud stands out, in SS15 collection there are more “easy” garments, always with excellent craftsmanship and high quality of yarns and fabrics. The colors and prints are more cheerful, with a more summery spirit.

Here are the key garments in the collection… and here is a selection of my favourite garments, more portable for everyday for your little girls.

Mentre ci apprestiamo ad ammirare la nuova collezione autunno/inverno 2015-16 che verrà lanciata tra pochissimi giorni al Pitti Bimbo (ecco l’articolo con qualche anticipazione), la collezione primavera/estate 2015 del mio amatissimo Pale Cloud sta già arrivando nei negozi.

Gia Dress Pale Cloud SS15
Gia Dress – My favourite piece from SS15 collection

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Pale Cloud AW15 at Pitti Bimbo 80

[one_half]Conoscete già la mia passione per Pale Cloud.
Inizia il conto alla rovescia per ammirare la collezione Autunno/Inverno 2015, che verrà lanciata al prossimo Pitti Bimbo, dal 22 al 24 gennaio, a Firenze.

[/one_half] [one_half_last]
You already know my passion for Pale Cloud.
I’m starting the countdown to admire the Fall/Winter 2015 collection, which will be launched at the next Pitti Bimbo, from January 22nd to 24th, in Florence.

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TARTAN AND GREY OUTFIT: lo scozzese per i bambini

DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? Click HERE for English text!

Happy Epiphany to everybody!

And while we’ll be intent on enjoying the sweets left in socks by the old happy lady (la Befana, in the Italian tradition), I want to show you a festive outfit, but not too much festive, also suitable for school or for a walk with mom and dad! We passed this holiday season mostly at home, since we spent 99% of the holiday being sick!

I can not decide the center piece of this look: on the one hand there are tartan pants (must-season) with red background and atrue trousers” cut, with zip pocket, but with all the comfort of a leggings; on the other side there is the gray shirt in silk and cotton, with the neck in crepe de chine in lighter gray and gold buttons on the neck and cuffs. I would say that the two items complement each other, style and color are combined in an excellent manner, and also for cost: the pants, from Zara Kids, amortize the cost of the shirt, from Pale Cloud.

A note on Zara Kids’ sales: I hate Zara Kids’ sales. Perhaps it is a reminiscence of when I lived in Spain and people were lined up in front of Zara on the first day of the sales and, after just 10 minutes, it was impossible to get close to a stand and understanding which items you were taking because it looked like after an urugano but then I had no children. Now I do not like the sales in Zara Kids, apart from the clutter and confusion, for the run out almost immediately of sizes and for the discounts, which often is not even 50%. Also I can not find a large savings in pay pants from € 14.95 to € 9.99: those 5 discount are not worth dealing overflowing parking lots, eternal queues at the checkout, chaos and confusion. Rather I buy online. Or, as I did this year, I buy only what I really like before Christmas

That said, I must say that the pants and leggings from Zara Kids, in size 3-4 years, fits very well my little girl: they are sufficiently adherent, fit well on the leg, have the right waist (not too low unbearable for a child neither too high unwatchable for mom), wash well and above withstand repeated washings. They are items that I buy from Zara Kids really happy (paying maybe a little attention to the composition and preferring those in 100% cotton).

We complete this tartan and gray look with a cotton cardigan by Stella McCartney Kids, with the placket highlighted in electric blue, socks from Calzedonia Kids and Ugg boots in black.

What do you think?

Buona Epifania a tutti!

E mentre saremo intenti a gustare i dolcetti lasciati nelle calze dall’allegra vecchietta, voglio mostrarvi un outfit festivo, ma non troppo, adatto anche alla scuola o ad una passeggiata con mamma e papà! Per noi questi giorni di festa sono stati piuttosto casalinghi, dato che abbiamo passato il 99% delle vacanze… ammalati!


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Pale cloud Malin sweater
Kids fashion


[one_half]Abbiamo passato le feste di Natale… ammalati! Tutti. Nonni compresi. Non si è salvato nessuno…

Quindi, dopo il look chic del 25 che vi ho mostrato qui, oggi abbiamo bisogno di iniziare la settimana con qualcosa di easy e comodo. Non vogliamo però rinunciare a quel mood festivo, che per eccellenza è dato dallo “sbrilluccichio”…[/one_half][one_half_last]We spent Christmas holidays sick! Everybody. Including grandparents. Nobody saving

Then, after the chic look of Dicember 25th, that I showed you here, today we need to start the week with something easy and comfortable. We do not want to give up that festive mood, which is given for excellence by sparkling[/one_half_last]

Pale cloud Malin sweater

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[one_half]Oggi voglio mostrarvi uno di quegli outfit che amo di più perchè permette a Sissi di essere libera, di correre e di giocare, ed allo stesso tempo la fa sentire un po’ “signorina”…[/one_half][one_half_last]Today I want to show you one of those outfits that I love the most because it allows Sissi to be free, to run and play, and at the same time makes her feeling like a little Lady…[/one_half_last]


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Junior Design Awards 2014 – Winner: Pale Cloud

DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? Click HERE and enjoy!!!
 For the 3rd consecutive year, my beloved brand Pale Cloud has been honoured with a first place in the Junior Design Awards.

Junior Magazines panel of judges awarded the highest honour to Pale Clouds Autumn Winter 2014 Collection in the Best Girls Designer Fashion Brand category and a Highly Commended in the category Designer Fashion Brand of the Year (won by Kenzo). These awards follow on from the 2013 Junior Design Awards, where Pale Cloud won the Best Girls Designer Fashion Brand and came second only to Jean Paul Gaultier in the Designer Fashion Brand of the Year category.

Here is one of the garments from the Autumn Winter 2014 Collection, our favourite.

If you want to buy Pale Cloud, here is the post in which I tell you how to use the store locator. You can follow Pale Cloud on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. Marion, Pale Cloud Creative Director, has recently started her own Instagram account: follow her on @MarionPastiche for an insight into her inspiration.

Per il terzo anno consecutivo, il mio amatissimo brand Pale Cloud ha vinto il primo posto nello Junior Design Awards (ndr: sono i premi che la rivista UK Junior Magazines assegna ai migliori brand in 50 categorie: dal fashion ai libri, dai seggiolini auto ai ristoranti).

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