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Come vestire i neonati: FILOBIO FOR NEWBORNS

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Since my dearest friend , A. , had her twins (now they are 10 days old!)  I’m looking at things for newborns… with a lot of tenderness and a bit of nostalgia: although Sissi is only 2 years old, it seems to me a century has passed since the time of the rompers! After dedicating to her babies some selections (my post here) , waiting for the choice of the new mother, I went to look for the material I had collected at Pitti Bimbo 78 on the Italian brand that puts the baby at the center of his world: Filobio.

This Italian company has been making clothes since 2006 in the total respect of nature. The garments are of excellent quality, made of certified organic cotton, ideal because no chemical treatments are harmful to health. The serigraphs are hand made without PVC, the buttons are nickel-free. Dyes, with no heavy metals, are zero-environmental impact and is guaranteed the absence of formaldehyde. The fabrics chosen and the attention to detail , handmade, are a guarantee of durability.

Every child that is born is the most beautiful and special gift for a mom: imagine my dearest friend who has two children, to worship, to love, to cuddle! To celebrate the happy event of the birth Filobio presented at Pitti Bimbo 78 thier new line dedicated to gifts for the creatures on the way. Unique products to give or to treat yourself: accessories and clothing first, from 0 to 9 months, with the release of the brand new exclusive goose- texture declined in chic shades of pink, blue and natural.

The cotton comes from organic farming, the colors are zero impact on the environment and free of heavy metals.

The range includes all the baby clothes for excellence: here are the kimono bodysuits with short sleeve or sleeveless, the useful babygrows, two pieces pajamas.

To complete and enrich the set of new mothers, as well as bibs, also some nice baby gloves, the slippers and a funny hat with a knot.

Da quando la mia più cara amica, A., ha avuto i suoi gemelli (oggi hanno 10 giorni!!!) non faccio che guardare cose da bebè… con tantissima tenerezza e un po’ di nostalgia: anche se Sissi ha solo 2 anni, mi sembra passato un secolo dai tempi delle tutine! Dopo aver dedicato varie selezioni di abiti (qui il mio post), attendendo la scelta della neo-mamma, sono andata a cercare il materiale che avevo raccolto al Pitti Bimbo 78 sul brand italiano che pone il neonato al centro del suo mondo: Filobio.

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Penso che la classe e l’eleganza, da sole, senza tempo, o abbinate al fashion più trendy, non si trovino solo negli abiti, negli abbinamenti di colori e materiali. Da sempre amo queste due “Signore” anche nel design, nell’arredamento, nella casa: dalle tovaglie agli asciugamani, dalle posate ai piatti, alle lampade…  I think the class and elegance, alone, timeless, or combined with the trendiest fashion, are not only in the clothes, in combinations of colors and materials. I’ve always loved these two “ladies” in design, furnishings, in the house: from tablecloths to towels, from cutlery to dishes, to lamps…

Per questa ragione al Pitti Bimbo 78, nello spazio speciale dedicato al Pop-up Kids’ Stories, ho piacevolmente incontrato un brand di indiscussa eleganza, che vanta una tradizione nel tessile più che centenaria.

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Ed ecco i 5 top del mese di gennaio (vi siete persi dicembre: eccolo qua)! L’ordine è alfabetico… And here are the top 5 of January (you missed Dicember, here it is!) The order is alphabetical …

1) Fourmonkeys ONLINE SHOP: uno degli ultimi acquisti online. Un sito pulito ed essenziale, una buona scelta di marchi, un efficiente customer care e le nostre MAA: vi siete persi il post? Eccolo qua! One of the last online purchases. A clean and simple website, a good choice of brands, an efficient customer care and our MAA shoes: do you missed the post? It’s here!

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After the Pitti Bimbo and many work commitments, here I am today to summarize for you (and for myself) what will be the trends for childrenswear in the next autumn/winter season, so you have some tips for what to buy during these sales that will be always fashionable next season! First of all, do you remember my sales tips here? Do you have the list of online stores (here)?

Okay, then let’s go…


have appeared a little everywhere, on wool, on clothes, even at the bottom of fleece skirts… generally this confirm the Baroque mood (perhaps typical in times of crisis…) that I’ve found in all well-known and classic brands in Pitti Bimbo section of the event. For boys this trend (of course you do not want to dress your little men with feathers!) results in JACKETS in DANDY style.


the trend check/tartan which began just this season continues. Both for boys and for girls. This is definitely something that you can find in these sales, so I propose you also a room that I had created on Mychildworld early in the season.


unisex color, present in all brands, easy to find now, always easy to match. A must, timeless.


this color, easy to carry, to match, in which you don’t notice dirt, has been ever-present at the fair. This is also a classic, maybe to combine with a touch of color.


Color absolutely anti-crisis (classic colors, sure you will find a lot in sales): more portable, I do not particularly like the red and gold (except Christmas).


everywhere. On clothing, on accessorie, on shoes, sweaters and pants… the slogan is “sparkle”! Already in this season I had found something: at Hogan Rebel, at H&M some blue pants with silver glitter, at Bonnie Baby a cardigan with lurex …


Radiant Orchid is the Pantone color for 2014 (you read here?). In its winter version honestly I do not know how to call it: coral pink or light salmon or lilac powder? But even PINK. Very nice paired with gray or blue.

Here it is: that’s all folks! And now, let the shopping begin!

Dopo il Pitti Bimbo e tanti impegni di lavoro, eccomi oggi a riassumere per voi (ma anche per me stessa) quelle che saranno le tendenze per il childrenswear nella prossima stagione autunno/inverno, così da avere qualche dritta per sapere cosa acquistare ai saldi e ritrovarsi con capi che saranno attualissimi anche la prossima stagione! Anzitutto vi ricordate i miei consigli qui? Avete la lista dei negozi online (qui)? 

Ok, allora andiamo…

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Ieri si è concluso il Pitti Bimbo 78 (ne avevamo parlato qui) e, prima di organizzare le foto e scrivere qualche post sui brand che davvero mi hanno colpito e sulle tendenze per l’autunno/inverno 2014-15, volevo fare un breve riassunto e qualche considerazione su quello che ho visto e sentito. Yesterday ended Pitti Bimbo 78 (we talked about here) , and before I organize my photos and write a few posts about the brands that really impressed me, and trends for autumn/winter 2014-15, I wanted to give a brief summary and some account of what I saw.

Anzitutto chiariamo: perchè sono andata? First of all, let’s be clear: why did I go?

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Ci siamo.

Da domani, per tre giorni, la Fortezza da Basso a Firenze diventa il palcoscenico per quella che possiamo definire per dimensione ed importanza LA fiera del childrenswear.

Il tema di quest’anno è ROCK ME PITTI e quale connubio migliore quello tra fashion e musica: entrambe sono innovazione e creatività allo stato puro. Con una sempre maggiore partecipazione internazionale, questa edizione in particolare si apre maggiormente al mondo degli accessori e del design con i Pop Up Stores.

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