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[one_half]Si torna a scuola, dopo un weekend destinato al riposo ed alla famiglia. Per affrontare una settimana di scuola, di nuove e più lunghe separazioni, di novità, oggi abbiamo bisogno di… rosa. [/one_half]Back to school after a weekend for rest and family. Today we need just pink: to deal with a new school’s week, with new and longer separations, with new people and things.


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pale pink mountains
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PALE PINK AND MOUNTAINS: kids outfit bio

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Pale pink outfit for the weekend, as pale as the sun hidden by clouds that promise storms, pale like us, and we must give up for a while to maritime weekend

Yes. Dermatitis again. After 18 months, it returns. We spent a Saturday by emergency medical assuming exanthematous diseases, allergies, etc. … instead, it just came back. But this time I’m ready, or rather, I’m an expert: I refer you to the full post about Mustela Stelatopia and our first dermatitis. If you want to know more about how I solved it with some success, please email me, I’ll be glad to help you! Because dermatitis is this: come in an instant and it takes 2 months to go away

This episode, however, makes me think once again about how important is the quality of the materials with which we dress our children. I do not know if it was a coincidence, but this time the trigger was a sweat in a pajamas with a not very good quality mea culpa. I was being really careful about what Sissi wears and I had avoided the problem for 18 months

We chose for today an outfit in pink, with a super loose style: the t-shirt in organic cotton is from Popupshop and pants, in viscose, from Soft Gallery. Since we went to the mountains, we chose the sneakers from Veja Kids, again in pale pink with mint green logo, with socks from Calzedonia Kids.

Allow me one last consideration.

It’s worth spending a little more for better garments. We also buy from Zara, H&M, etc. : items are cheap, cute, fashionable. BUT what I’m putting on the skin of my little girl? Not to mention the washing, immediately ruining the garments of these low cost brand (typically, the side seam that becomes central!). Still mea culpa because I was devoted to more expensive brands hoping to dress my daughter with something of better quality: did you read about toxic fashion?

I changed course.

I’m changing course: organic is a priority for me, in its absence I choose brands that I can really trust. Sometimes I give, without distinction, in to Gucci or Zara, a little because most readily available, a little because I fell in love with an item, but Sissi will wear it on to a mandatory organic underwear.

Rosa pallido l’outfit del weekend, pallido come il sole nascosto dalle nubi che promettono tormenta, pallido come noi, che dobbiamo rinunciare per un po’ ai weekend marittimi…

pale pink mountains

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