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See you later Alligator! Mini Rodini SS15 collection

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Today (maybe) after about 10 days at home, we’re going out together.

Missed most of the Carnival (but we had fun here with Naturino), although we could still take advantage of the Mardi Gras, our day will beslow”. Because we are still recovering and because tomorrow we’ll back (I hope) to normal rhythms.

Finally, I get to show you an outfit.

Lately you have seen very few outfits, but there is a reason: we were often sick and then I hope to have you entertained with news, previews, trends… otherwise I could post many many pajamas!

Today we go back to basics: back to Mini Rodini.

The reasons why I consider Mini Rodini my origins” are various: first of all is one of the brands that first made me disconnect from the “usualbrands, even those luxury brands, to choose quality, bio, design and, not finally, something that my daughter really loved to wear. Mini Rodini was also one of the engines of my research for new, unique and different brands. Finally it was the reason for a small (but ambitious) project that in a few days I will reveal

January 29th Mini Rodini launched the new spring/summer 2015 collection, entitled See you later Alligator, which is inspired by the aquatic life. The color palette includes sea weed green, ocean blue, sand, sunset pink and Florida orange. Prints, distinctive element of the Swedish brand, include fishes, mermaids, alligators, maps (of treasure?), dolphins… Since I purchase Mini Rodini, this is probably my favorite collection, which reflects my taste in colors and in prints.

For Sissi I chose the sweatshirt with blue fishes on light gray background: since today she’s not going to school, we’ll leave the coordinated sweatpants at home and we’ll match it with a denim skirt from Guess Kids and tights from Condor, in a perfect color! Since it is still a bit cold,we’ll add Ugg boots and we are ready!

And we’ll reply: “After a while crocodile!”

Oggi (forse) dopo circa 10 giorni in casa, torneremo alla luce del sole.

Saltato gran parte del Carnevale (ma ci siamo divertite qui con Naturino), anche se potremmo ancora approfittare del Martedì Grasso, la nostra giornata sarà slow. Perchè siamo ancora convalescenti e perchè da domani si torna (speriamo) ai ritmi normali.


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