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Come vestire i bambini all’asilo: con il gelato!

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Today Sissi will go to kindergarten with an ice cream …

Or at least with a print of an ice cream! Although the weather seems to jump back to a couple of months ago…

Merits of an over tee, this last year’s dress, from Soft Gallery, is one of the few items that we saved from the donations this year. I always put away the clothes of Sissi in the hope that next year will fit again … and promptly I realize that I was wrong because unfortunately (or fortunately: basically means that she’s growing well!) everything is a bit too short or tight.

This year we have saved a couple of dresses from Soft Gallery with this model: a simple t-shirt model, a bit oversize. This year it’s really perfect: not too over, not too long.

It’s a perfect fit dress.

But for kindergarten, you know, dresses are not the top of comfort and I am horrified at the thought of Sissi sitting anywhere with a dress without tights… it does not seem very “hygienic”…

But this dress deserved to go to kindergarten: generally Sissi’s mates admire her looks MADE FOR KIDS, with fun prints and a bit out of the ordinary, with whom joking, from which even draw inspiration for a drawing… then we paired it with leggings, also from Soft Gallery, light and exactly in the same shade of color. Socks, funny as always, are from Calzedonia Kids, and have a “coccolilli” (read crocodiles in Sissi’s language) print and sneakers are Adidas Stan Smith.

What do you think?

Oggi Sissi va all’asilo con il gelato…

O perlomeno con una stampa di gelato! Anche se il tempo sembra aver fatto un salto indietro di un paio di mesi…


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Top del mese


Ed ecco  i top 5 del mese di SETTEMBRE (vi siete persi Agosto? Eccolo qua)! Questo mese è stato davvero intenso di eventi, incontri, emozioni… e questo è quello che abbiamo preferito…

And here is our September top 5 (if you missed August, here it is!). This month has been really intense for events, encounters, emotions… and this is what we preferred…


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pale pink mountains
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PALE PINK AND MOUNTAINS: kids outfit bio

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Pale pink outfit for the weekend, as pale as the sun hidden by clouds that promise storms, pale like us, and we must give up for a while to maritime weekend

Yes. Dermatitis again. After 18 months, it returns. We spent a Saturday by emergency medical assuming exanthematous diseases, allergies, etc. … instead, it just came back. But this time I’m ready, or rather, I’m an expert: I refer you to the full post about Mustela Stelatopia and our first dermatitis. If you want to know more about how I solved it with some success, please email me, I’ll be glad to help you! Because dermatitis is this: come in an instant and it takes 2 months to go away

This episode, however, makes me think once again about how important is the quality of the materials with which we dress our children. I do not know if it was a coincidence, but this time the trigger was a sweat in a pajamas with a not very good quality mea culpa. I was being really careful about what Sissi wears and I had avoided the problem for 18 months

We chose for today an outfit in pink, with a super loose style: the t-shirt in organic cotton is from Popupshop and pants, in viscose, from Soft Gallery. Since we went to the mountains, we chose the sneakers from Veja Kids, again in pale pink with mint green logo, with socks from Calzedonia Kids.

Allow me one last consideration.

It’s worth spending a little more for better garments. We also buy from Zara, H&M, etc. : items are cheap, cute, fashionable. BUT what I’m putting on the skin of my little girl? Not to mention the washing, immediately ruining the garments of these low cost brand (typically, the side seam that becomes central!). Still mea culpa because I was devoted to more expensive brands hoping to dress my daughter with something of better quality: did you read about toxic fashion?

I changed course.

I’m changing course: organic is a priority for me, in its absence I choose brands that I can really trust. Sometimes I give, without distinction, in to Gucci or Zara, a little because most readily available, a little because I fell in love with an item, but Sissi will wear it on to a mandatory organic underwear.

Rosa pallido l’outfit del weekend, pallido come il sole nascosto dalle nubi che promettono tormenta, pallido come noi, che dobbiamo rinunciare per un po’ ai weekend marittimi…

pale pink mountains

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After a bit heavy weekend  (despite the sea and the mountains, we have also worked), here we begin a new week with positive thoughts, with enthusiasm, with joy because in a few days we will meet so many people… and so many projects are in the pipeline…

I’m studying a book to remove the diaper for Sissi, although I think it will be hard… I have to do a thorough search on potties and panties. Stay tuned because soon I will write the review of this book, which, on reflection, I took almost a year ago and so far I hadn’t used a lot because I did not have any of the problems it faces. But I knew that there would come a moment of farewell to the diaper and the phase of “no” (to our house named the “contrarian”) …

Let’s move on to something lighter: the outfit for Sissi.

We spent last week at home due to bad weather, but today we want to begin the week with an outfit cheerful, sunny, in a word YELLOW. Finally, we can take out again sandals, Sun San Sandals: really a good buy! Comfortable, colorful, adjustable (important adjustment with buckle at the ankle and also in the plant), with rubber soles (non-slip), soft leather (do not hurt at any point). And of course YELLOW! The t-shirt is really easy (and very low-cost): slub cotton with pocket and shoulder in broderie anglaise, from Zara Kids. YELLOW and also made of organic cotton: promoted! The denim shorts are from Armani Junior: it’s last year purchase, but they were big, while this year they are perfect and the belt/headband with the logo mixed with pasley is YELLOW!

Dopo un fine settimana un po’ pesante (nonostante mare e montagna, abbiamo anche lavorato), ecco che cominciamo una nuova settimana con pensieri positivi, con voglia di fare, con l’allegria perchè tra pochi giorni incontreremo tante persone… tanti progetti sono in itinere

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SUNDAY TO THE BEACH OUTFIT: come vestire i bambini al mare in primavera

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Happy Sunday! And today, we go to the beach! The barefoot on the sand that begins to warm, the wind ruffles our hair, the air full of salt, shells, writing our names in the sand, getting our feet wet simple experiences and now discounted for us, but to Sissi are valuable discoveries, big smiles.
Although it is a warm day, never forget solar protection for your children (and even for you)!

The outfit for Sissi is very easy: start with a lightweight sweatshirt from Chloé Kids (which will take off soon), in black and gray, very feminine with the bow on the back back and the two tipes of fabric (the white viscose is very soft and almost velvety). The t-shirt is in a cheerful pink salmon, from Burberry Kids, like the white pants in lightweight fleece, very easy to turn up to walk on the sand and soak your feet in the water. The socks, striped, are from Calzedonia Kids and we match them with polka dots, very fashionable this season, from Veja Kids.
What do you think?

And then we have to organize a complete change water and sand together are a bit dangerous! 

Buona domenica! Ed oggi, ce ne andiamo al mare! I piedi nudi sulla sabbia che comincia a scaldarsi, il vento che scompiglia i capelli, l’aria piena di sale, le conchiglie, scrivere sulla sabbia i nostri nomi, bagnarsi i piedi… esperienze semplici e ormai scontate per noi, per Sissi sono scoperte preziose, sorrisi grandi e spensierati.
Nonostante sia una giornata tiepida, non dimenticate mai la protezione per i vostri bimbi (e neanche per voi)!!!


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It’s when summer comes that the quality of the fabrics in contact with the skin of our children is more important than ever.

Health and well-being also pass through the skin, for this reason since 2006 Filobio produces clothing in full respect of nature, dedicating to infants from 0 to 24 months, and to their mothers products entirely made of certified organic cotton. I have spoken of this Italian company here too, do you remember?

Filobio presents its summer garments where design and capacity of the Italian textiles factory are combined with respect for man and the environment: the fabrics and accessories chosen are all of natural origin, while the attention to detail, handmade, guarantee durability.

The supple and velvety skin of the babies is a constant source of inspiration for the collections of Filobio. Clean lines enriched with small but fine details accompany the collections season after season. The soft and natural colors enhance the features of the baby while the soft tissues surround him with softness.

For spring summer 2014, the Basic collection from Filobio is embellished with fresh and sweet news.

Super-soft organic cotton fleece models such as mini shorts are combined with funny t-shirts in light cotton jersey in beige. The funny embroidered and screen-printedgoose is dressed in bright colors with extravagant sunglasses and ipod for boys and with bow and red necklace for girls.

Two new variations of the classic mascot Filobio which are also found in the entire onesie, ideal for any walk in the park or by the sea.

Finally a fun composition, consisting of a tank top and shorts, wears our babies during the most sunny days leaving them free to move pampered by a natural freshness.

E’ proprio quando arriva l’estate che è più che mai importante la qualità dei tessuti a contatto con la pelle dei nostri bimbi. 

La salute ed il benessere passano anche dalla pelle, per questo Filobio produce dal 2006 capi d’abbigliamento nel pieno rispetto della natura dedicando ai neonati, da 0 a 24 mesi, e alle loro mamme prodotti confezionati interamente con cotone biologico certificato. Vi ho parlato di questa azienda tutta italiana anche qui, ricordate?

FILOBIO pe 2014 indossato

Filobio presenta i suoi capi estivi dove design e capacità del tessile italiano si sposano con il rispetto dell’uomo e dell’ambiente: i tessuti e gli accessori scelti sono tutti di origine naturale, mentre la cura nei dettagli, realizzati a mano, sono garanzia di durevolezza.

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soft gallery home ss14
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Since we are both sick, dreaming with the new home collection of Soft Gallery seems very appropriate.

I’ve never bought so far from home collection, partly because Sissi still uses sleepingbags (these), but looking at these pictures with beautiful owl prints and these dusty and elegant colors, I look forward to the time she will use sheets!

What do you think?

Dato che siamo malate entrambe, sognare con la nuova collezione home di Soft Gallery mi sembra quanto mai adeguato.

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blue stripes outfit sissiworld
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blue stripes outfit sissiworld

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A busy day today. The sunny morning brought us to the beach and to do some shopping for the garden (of Grandma Iaia’s home). The evening instead will lead us to our friend’s house for a pizza and games between our little girls 🙂

The look for the day for Sissi is almost “cruise style”, thanks to the maxi t-shirt with short sleeves (today the sun finally allows us to wear short sleeves) from Moncler Enfant, with blue and white stripes. For safety we add the small cardigan from Benetton Kids, in blue. We combine the leggings from the new collection of Zara Kids, in white with blue palm trees, the low and light socks with bees from Calzedonia Kids and Naturino sneakers (in my opinion there is need of these shoes, because for the afternoon predict showers…).

For the evening, we change.

For a variety of reasons: first of all , Sissi has soiled the leggings! But do not fear, because white clothes washed like any other color, almost better! The evening outfit includes the dress from our beloved Mini Rodini, with penguins on a beige background. We actually bought this dress for a long, in the wrong size (it was really laaargeee), but we liked it so much that we have not changed, and we waited a bit to wear it. And today is fine 🙂 We combine the cream tights from Calzedonia Kids and sneakers  Naturino, since it rains.

Indeed, I would add the raincoat from Mini Rodini with the same penguins, just to stay on topic…. with a doubt: will not be too much penguins? 😀

Una giornata piena, oggi. La mattinata soleggiata ci ha portato al mare ed a fare qualche acquisto divertente per il giardino (di nonna Iaia). La serata invece ci porterà a casa di amici per una pizza e giochi tra le nostre bimbe 🙂 

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DENIM DUNGAREE OUTFIT: la salopette corta in jeans

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Good morning!

Yesterday, doing some shopping at H&M, I fell in love with this short dungaree in denim, which for once did not seem very huge (as all things from H&M), but it is well stitched and worn it is even more nice! I like the heart-pocket, I like ruffles, I like the fit… and especially Sissi also likes it! She is very pleased to go around in shorts! We added the t-shirt  from the Mon Cheri collection of Mini Rodini, white with red cherries, which I think is perfect for this look. Although today it is sunny and warm enough, I do not feel even to go out with Sissi with bare legs and so I opted for the tights, really light, in microfiber, almost fishnet stockings, from Calzedonia Kids. The sneakers, which complete this outfit really making it sporty, are our beloved Naturino.

What do you think?



Ieri, facendo un giretto da H&M, mi sono innamorata di questa salopette corta in denim, che per una volta non mi è sembrata gigante (come tutte le cose di H&M), ma è ben cucita e indossata è ancora più tenera e carina! Mi piace la tasca a cuore, mi piacciono i volant, mi piace il fit… e soprattutto piace anche a Sissi! Che è molto soddisfatta di andare in giro con i pantaloni corti! Abbiamo aggiunto la t-shirt delle collezione Mon Cherì di Mini Rodini, bianca con le ciliege rosse, che mi sembra perfetta per questo look. Nonostante oggi sia soleggiato e abbastanza caldo, non me la sento ancora di fare andare in giro Sissi a gambe nude e quindi ho optato per delle calzamaglie davvero leggere, in microfibra molto traforata, quasi a rete, di Calzedonia Kids. Le sneakers, che completano questo outfit rendendolo davvero sportivo, sono le amate Naturino.

20140407-210615.jpg  20140407-210600.jpg

Che ne dite?


T-shirt Mini Rodini

Dungaree H&M Kids

Tights Calzedonia Kids

Sneakers Naturino

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Beautiful days, bright, sunny… Sissi is happy, happy to walk with me hand in hand, to go to buy flowers and potting soil and do a little gardening together… while unfortunately in my head I have a thousand thoughts, job first, and then I would be in a thousand places at once: in Spain closer to my dear friend A. , in Genoa learning more about my dear P. and maybe fly with her to London and meet with S. 🙁

The outfits for Sissi is in shades of pink, pastel, just to honor the trend of this spring. We loved the color pink when Sissi was just born: it was a nice chubby baby and the many mistook for a boy… It really is not a color that I particularly like, I think the definition of gender is not defined ONLY by a color, so I rather prefer lilac to pink, or a bow here and there! But today I need pink: that brighten my thoughts a little bit. We start from the Esprit Kids’ t-shirt, with lots of sequins, which matches perfectly both as a color and as a “twinkle” with light fleece pants from Gucci Kids. The socks are full of flowers, from Calzedonia Kids and the sneakers are the “usual” Naturino, of which you never get tired, because in this moment are perfect both as a number and as the heaviness.

Giornate belle, luminose, soleggiate… Sissi è contenta, allegra, felice di passeggiare con me mano nella mano, di andare a comprare i fiori ed il terriccio e di fare un po’ di giardinaggio insieme… mentre nella mia testa ho purtroppo mille pensieri, di lavoro anzitutto, e poi vorrei essere in mille luoghi contemporaneamente: in Spagna vicino alla mia cara amica A., a Genova a conoscere meglio la mia cara P. e magari volare con lei a Londra ed incontrarci anche con S. 🙁

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TO THE DOCTOR OUTFIT: come vestire i bambini per la visita dal pediatra

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Good evening…

Sissi feels really bad, nothing serious, but this flu does not want to go away! And then today our outfit is right to go to the pediatrician… I do not like to carry my little girl in pajamas, but neither dressed in formal wear, since in any case she is sick!

A tip: always opt for “smart” clothes, easy to remove, to wear, to unbutton (great for babies are kimono bodysuits)… because being a “beginner mum” and being observed while dressing/undressing your child, make me a little nervous! And do not forget the shoes: no to the laces, yes to zip or strap or ballet shoes! 😉

We choose a sweatshirt, light, new, from Chloe, in black and gray, combined with light fleece pants from Gucci Kids, in pale pink. The socks, gray with the ducks, are from Calzedonia Kids and the sneakers are our new Naturino, in gray suede with side zipper.

What do you think? And above all, we’ll make it heal?


Sissi sta davvero male, nulla di grave, ma quest’influenza non vuole proprio andare via! Ed allora oggi il nostro outfit è quello per andare dalla pediatra… non mi piace portare la mia bimba in pigiama, ma neanche vestita da cerimonia, dato che comunque è ammalata!

Un consiglio: optate sempre per capi “furbi”, facili da togliere, da rimettere, da sbottonare (ottimi per i bebè i body a kimono)… perchè non so voi, ma essere alle prime armi ed essere osservate mentre vestite/svestite il vostro bambino, a me innervosisce un pochino! E non dimenticate le scarpe: no ai lacci, sì a pratiche zip o strap o ballerine! 😉

Noi abbiamo optato per una felpa, leggera, nuova, di Chloè, in bianco e grigio, abbinata ai pantaloni in felpa leggera di Gucci Kids, rosa pallido. I calzini, grigi con le paperelle, sono di Calzedonia Kids e le sneaker sono le nuove Naturino, scamosciate grigie con la zip laterale.


Che ne dite? E soprattutto: ce la faremo a guarire?

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Come vestire i bambini a primavera: baby outfit

Oggi una giornata fredda, ma soleggiata, ci ha invogliato ad uscire un pochino, anche se Sissi è ancora convalescente…

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Come vestire i neonati: FILOBIO FOR NEWBORNS

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Since my dearest friend , A. , had her twins (now they are 10 days old!)  I’m looking at things for newborns… with a lot of tenderness and a bit of nostalgia: although Sissi is only 2 years old, it seems to me a century has passed since the time of the rompers! After dedicating to her babies some selections (my post here) , waiting for the choice of the new mother, I went to look for the material I had collected at Pitti Bimbo 78 on the Italian brand that puts the baby at the center of his world: Filobio.

This Italian company has been making clothes since 2006 in the total respect of nature. The garments are of excellent quality, made of certified organic cotton, ideal because no chemical treatments are harmful to health. The serigraphs are hand made without PVC, the buttons are nickel-free. Dyes, with no heavy metals, are zero-environmental impact and is guaranteed the absence of formaldehyde. The fabrics chosen and the attention to detail , handmade, are a guarantee of durability.

Every child that is born is the most beautiful and special gift for a mom: imagine my dearest friend who has two children, to worship, to love, to cuddle! To celebrate the happy event of the birth Filobio presented at Pitti Bimbo 78 thier new line dedicated to gifts for the creatures on the way. Unique products to give or to treat yourself: accessories and clothing first, from 0 to 9 months, with the release of the brand new exclusive goose- texture declined in chic shades of pink, blue and natural.

The cotton comes from organic farming, the colors are zero impact on the environment and free of heavy metals.

The range includes all the baby clothes for excellence: here are the kimono bodysuits with short sleeve or sleeveless, the useful babygrows, two pieces pajamas.

To complete and enrich the set of new mothers, as well as bibs, also some nice baby gloves, the slippers and a funny hat with a knot.

Da quando la mia più cara amica, A., ha avuto i suoi gemelli (oggi hanno 10 giorni!!!) non faccio che guardare cose da bebè… con tantissima tenerezza e un po’ di nostalgia: anche se Sissi ha solo 2 anni, mi sembra passato un secolo dai tempi delle tutine! Dopo aver dedicato varie selezioni di abiti (qui il mio post), attendendo la scelta della neo-mamma, sono andata a cercare il materiale che avevo raccolto al Pitti Bimbo 78 sul brand italiano che pone il neonato al centro del suo mondo: Filobio.

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MINI RODINI: OUR “MON CHERI”! Mini Rodini pre spring collection 2014


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Yesterday we received our order from Mini Rodini pre-spring collection 2014  (I talked about it here)! The shipping was very fast and we are really happy for our purchases!

Here are some pictures from the new collection MON CHERI  and here unveiled our purchases! We love this organic cotton of excellent quality, beautiful prints (the kittens are really very tender) and the fact that these sweatshirts are perfect for italian weather and for Sissi (who hates wool – even cashmere – and the heavy and “hairy” sweatshirt)!

What do you think? Did we choose well? Soon the outfits….

Ieri abbiamo ricevuto il nostro ordine della collezione pre-spring 2014 di Mini Rodini (ve ne avevo parlato qui)! La spedizione è stata molto rapida e noi siamo veramente felici per i nostri acquisti!!!

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MINI RODINI Penguin raincoat and good news

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 It rains and rains … looking online for a cute raincoat for Sissi , I revisited the catalog of my beloved brand Mini Rodini and I fell in love with this one.

It’s a shame that in all online stores there is only a size 6 years left (a little big for Sissi who do not even is 2 …)! I liked very much the penguins pattern (in fact, we also bought the dress , check it out), the color beige (one of my last must as you can read here) and that you could also finish the look with hat and gloves, obviously sold out those too!

But in my “desperate” web navigation, I found a very good news: it seems that November 15 will be the launch of the pre- spring 2014 collection called “Mon Cheri”. It should be a small exclusive collection with colors that suggest the spring.

Although the weather is far far away from the spring season, for the lovers of Mini Rodini will surely be a joy to have a collection in the middle between winter and spring! Christmas is coming and Santa Claus could bring some clothes from this new collection directly from Sweden!

Since I have not read any official press release and I found in the web just a single image, I do not assure the absolute veracity of the news, BUT on 15th I’ll go anyway to the official website for the online shop of Mini Rodini!

In the meantime, here is a selection of pieces of the brand…

Continua a piovere…cercando online dei raincoat (impermeabili) carini per Sissi, ho rivisitato il catalogo del mio amato brand Mini Rodini e mi sono innamorata di questo qua:

original-13710110 original-img_1592

Peccato che in tutti i negozi online rimanga solo la taglia 6 anni (un po’ grande per Sissi che non ne ha nemmeno 2…)! Mi piaceva da morire la fantasia con i pinguini (infatti abbiamo anche acquistato il vestito, guardate qua), il colore beige (una delle mie ultime fissazioni come potete leggere qui) e poi si potevano abbinare anche cappello e guanti, ovviamente esauriti anche quelli!

Però nella mia “disperata” navigazione, ho scoperto una bellissima notizia: sembrerebbe che il  15 novembre verrà lanciata la  collezione pre-primavera 2014 chiamata “Mon Cheri”. Dovrebbe essere una piccola collezione esclusiva con colori che fanno pensare già alla primavera.


Anche se siamo in un clima tutt’altro che primaverile e molto lontano dalla stagione fiorita, per gli appassionati di Mini Rodini sarà sicuramente una gioia avere una collezione di passaggio tra l’invernale ed il primaverile! Anche perchè si avvicina il Natale e quindi qualche capo potrebbe portarcelo Santa Claus direttamente dalla Svezia!!!

Dato che non ho letto nessun comunicato stampa ufficiale e che ho trovato nel web una sola immagine, non vi assicuro la assoluta veridicità della notizia, MA io intanto un salto sul sito ufficiale per lo shop online di Mini Rodini dopodomani lo faccio!!!

E nel frattempo, ecco una selezione di capi del brand:
mini rodini selection