Come vestire i bambini all’asilo: con il gelato!

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Today Sissi will go to kindergarten with an ice cream …

Or at least with a print of an ice cream! Although the weather seems to jump back to a couple of months ago…

Merits of an over tee, this last year’s dress, from Soft Gallery, is one of the few items that we saved from the donations this year. I always put away the clothes of Sissi in the hope that next year will fit again … and promptly I realize that I was wrong because unfortunately (or fortunately: basically means that she’s growing well!) everything is a bit too short or tight.

This year we have saved a couple of dresses from Soft Gallery with this model: a simple t-shirt model, a bit oversize. This year it’s really perfect: not too over, not too long.

It’s a perfect fit dress.

But for kindergarten, you know, dresses are not the top of comfort and I am horrified at the thought of Sissi sitting anywhere with a dress without tights… it does not seem very “hygienic”…

But this dress deserved to go to kindergarten: generally Sissi’s mates admire her looks MADE FOR KIDS, with fun prints and a bit out of the ordinary, with whom joking, from which even draw inspiration for a drawing… then we paired it with leggings, also from Soft Gallery, light and exactly in the same shade of color. Socks, funny as always, are from Calzedonia Kids, and have a “coccolilli” (read crocodiles in Sissi’s language) print and sneakers are Adidas Stan Smith.

What do you think?

Oggi Sissi va all’asilo con il gelato…

O perlomeno con una stampa di gelato! Anche se il tempo sembra aver fatto un salto indietro di un paio di mesi…

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See you later Alligator! Mini Rodini SS15 collection

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Today (maybe) after about 10 days at home, we’re going out together.

Missed most of the Carnival (but we had fun here with Naturino), although we could still take advantage of the Mardi Gras, our day will beslow”. Because we are still recovering and because tomorrow we’ll back (I hope) to normal rhythms.

Finally, I get to show you an outfit.

Lately you have seen very few outfits, but there is a reason: we were often sick and then I hope to have you entertained with news, previews, trends… otherwise I could post many many pajamas!

Today we go back to basics: back to Mini Rodini.

The reasons why I consider Mini Rodini my origins” are various: first of all is one of the brands that first made me disconnect from the “usualbrands, even those luxury brands, to choose quality, bio, design and, not finally, something that my daughter really loved to wear. Mini Rodini was also one of the engines of my research for new, unique and different brands. Finally it was the reason for a small (but ambitious) project that in a few days I will reveal

January 29th Mini Rodini launched the new spring/summer 2015 collection, entitled See you later Alligator, which is inspired by the aquatic life. The color palette includes sea weed green, ocean blue, sand, sunset pink and Florida orange. Prints, distinctive element of the Swedish brand, include fishes, mermaids, alligators, maps (of treasure?), dolphins… Since I purchase Mini Rodini, this is probably my favorite collection, which reflects my taste in colors and in prints.

For Sissi I chose the sweatshirt with blue fishes on light gray background: since today she’s not going to school, we’ll leave the coordinated sweatpants at home and we’ll match it with a denim skirt from Guess Kids and tights from Condor, in a perfect color! Since it is still a bit cold,we’ll add Ugg boots and we are ready!

And we’ll reply: “After a while crocodile!”

Oggi (forse) dopo circa 10 giorni in casa, torneremo alla luce del sole.

Saltato gran parte del Carnevale (ma ci siamo divertite qui con Naturino), anche se potremmo ancora approfittare del Martedì Grasso, la nostra giornata sarà slow. Perchè siamo ancora convalescenti e perchè da domani si torna (speriamo) ai ritmi normali.


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Pale Cloud SS2015 Collection is arriving!

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While we’re preparing to admire the new autumn/winter 2015-16 collection, to be launched in a few days at Pitti Bimbo (here is the article with some anticipation), the spring/summer 2015  collection of my beloved Pale Cloud is already arriving in stores.

I’ve had the pleasure to touch this wonderful collection at last Pitti Bimbo (Do you remember? Here’s the post). Creative Director, Marion Reynolds, explains her inspiration: ‘SS15 sees Pale Cloud moving into a range of fresh prints on light weight fabrics with silhouettes and colours inspired by ancient Japanese culture.’

Marion explains ‘this is the largest and most diverse collection I have designed so far. We have used some new fabrics that have the luxurious handfeel that Pale Cloud customers have come to expect but are easier to wear for busy girls. The colours are bolder and I had a lot of fun designing and drawing the prints, especially the variations of the Veiltail Fish!’.

It‘s just that I love about this collection: over the beautiful clothes that Pale Cloud stands out, in SS15 collection there are more “easy” garments, always with excellent craftsmanship and high quality of yarns and fabrics. The colors and prints are more cheerful, with a more summery spirit.

Here are the key garments in the collection… and here is a selection of my favourite garments, more portable for everyday for your little girls.

Mentre ci apprestiamo ad ammirare la nuova collezione autunno/inverno 2015-16 che verrà lanciata tra pochissimi giorni al Pitti Bimbo (ecco l’articolo con qualche anticipazione), la collezione primavera/estate 2015 del mio amatissimo Pale Cloud sta già arrivando nei negozi.

Gia Dress – My favourite piece from SS15 collection

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Paris Fashion Week SS15 – Highlights

Dopo i video dei giorni scorsi sulla Fashion Week di New York e su quella nostrana di Milano, non potevano mancare i video della Paris Fashion Week.

Allora che ne dite di sognare ancora un po’ ad occhi aperti?

After the videos I posted in last days about the Fashion Week in New York and inour” Milan, you could not miss the videos about Paris Fashion Week.

So let’s daydream again…


Milan Fashion Week SS15 Highlights #3

Dopo i video dei giorni scorsi (ecco la prima parte ed ecco la seconda), terminiamo con gli ultimi video, tutti da vedere ed ammirare, direttamente dalla Milan Fashion Week SS15


Clicca qui sotto per vedere le altre sfilate…

New York Fashion Week SS15 – Highlights #1

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New York Fashion Week started on September 4th and today I want to share with you the first videos of very interesting brands…

Honor SS15: brand created by Giovanna Randall (a talent trained in CNC Costume National in Milan) from 2010 to today has been growing, critically acclaimed, and dressed stars like Kirsten Dunst, Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, and Alexa Chung


Perry Ellis SS15: here is something for dads! The brand based in Miami, absent for 3 seasons at NYFW, is back (finally, I dare say) on the catwalks

Il 4 settembre si è aperta la Fashion Week a New York ed oggi voglio condividere con voi i primi video di alcuni brand molto interessanti…

Honor SS15: brand creato da Giovanna Randall (un talento formatosi a CNC Costume National a Milano) che dal 2010 ad oggi è sempre cresciuto, apprezzato dalla critica, e che ha vestito star del calibro di Kirsten Dunst, Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, and Alexa Chung:


Perry Ellis SS15: ecco qualcosa anche per i papà! Il brand con sede a Miami, assente per 3 stagioni alla NYFW, ritorna (finalmente, oserei dire) sulle passerelle Newyorkesi…


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Risking monotony, I will repeat endlessly: Pale Cloud is one of those brands that you fall in love, it drags you into a fairy world from which you can no longer get out. Simplicity and elegance mixed with something magical: we, the moms, look at these dresses and think we would like to be little girls to wear them and then… then we decide to wear our little girls with these gorgeous garments!

Collections of this kind can only come from those who have a taste, a savoir faire, a way of seeing life and to interpret it in her collections as Marion Reynolds. During each Pitti Bimbo she amazes me with her elegance, delicacy, that kind of “nordic” education and, not least, modesty: she welcomes you with a smile, always. She explains you all her creations, always. She greets and receives everybody as if each were an important guest.

I talked about all of this and even more in recent months, about Pitti Bimbo, the collections and the brand. But today I want to share with you a video, directed by Piotr Motyka for spring/summer 2015  collection, just launched at Pitti Bimbo 79.

Intense looks , the wind that moves flowering heads and dresses in ethereal silks. The atmosphere is surreal, almost motionless. And then the looks, deep blacks and cerulean blue eyes, a pitch-dark hair and a blonde hair like the sun. Then two hands touching and a knowing smile and those almost wistful eyes become the glances of two little girls. Happy.

For me, this video is this. Thanks Pale Cloud. Thanks Marion e Ian. Thanks Piotr Motyka.

And even Sissi today wear a little Pale Cloud: I finally found some garments in size 2 years! Here is a top, wearable for every day, in white cotton with beautiful embroidery on the chest and straps knotted with golden pearls. Enough to create the most classic outfit: white and denim. We match the shorts, in denim, from Armani Junior, made very easy by pasley logoed belt at the waist. A comfortable sandal like the Sun San Sandals and the outfit is ready: what do you think?

Rischiando la monotonia, lo ripeterò all’infinito: Pale Cloud è uno di quei marchi che ti innamorano, ti trascinano nel loro mondo fatato da cui non riesci più ad uscire. Sobrietà ed eleganza miste a qualcosa di magico per cui noi mamme guardiamo questi abiti e pensiamo che vorremmo essere bambine per poterli indossare e poi… poi decidiamo di farli indossare alle nostre bimbe!



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Do you remember? We had already talked about the mini-me version of the Bensimon tennis as an idea for Mother’s Day. 

With this new collection, however, nature is the undisputed sovereign of the Hawaiian Islands and it is reflected in the colorful prints of the limited edition of Bensimon: music , surfing, volcanoes and moonlight.

The Pacific wind carries the colors and flavors of these distant lands and reinterprets them in a paradisiac collection. The legendary tennis stain with images and messages filled with joy and good omen as the name of the collection.
Aloha is more than just a simple hello or goodbye. Its deeper meaning implies ” the joy (aho) sharing (alo) life energy (ha)”.

Distributed in a limited edition, the tennis in 100 % cotton and rubber sole are available in the woman version (50 euro) and in the pretty enfant version  (45 euro ) .
Good summer… Aloha!

For more information:
Available in their shop online.

Ricordate? Avevamo già parlato della versione mini-me delle tennis Bensimon come idea per la festa della mamma.

Con questa nuova collezione, è invece la natura sovrana e incontrastata delle isole Hawaiane che si riflette nelle stampe variopinte della limited edition di Bensimon: musica, surf, vulcani e chiari di luna.


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