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Stance for Star Wars – Il Risveglio della forza

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

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Next to red and gold Christmas decorations, in these days there is a “Jedi fever”: today December 16th in Italy and 18th in USA will be released at cinemas Star Wars The Force Awakening .

From cheap low-cost gadgets to jewelry in 24k gold, if you know a friend that collects all the DVD of Star Wars saga, here is a truly original Christmas present.

Stance is a Californian brand of socks that is characterized by the high quality of its products: a brand, that boasts capsules with Rihanna or entire collections dedicated to Harley Davidson or NBA, celebrates of course the seventh episode of Star Wars saga.

The twelve main characters of Star Wars, from Darth Vader toLuke Skywalker, From Princess Leila to the Master Yoda, are clearly depicted on Stance socks thanks to a sewing technique with more than 200 needles which makes the characters clear and identifiable. As always, reinforced toe and heel allow greater durability of the product.

In the collection there are also special couples, with a known meaning only to the real fans of the saga: for example, The Force, which brings together father and son, but also good and evil. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, the two most famous protagonists of the saga, as opposed characters. Do you remember the famous “May the force be with you “?

My Favourite?

Of course, Leila. Not because she’s the princess. But because she is a revolutionary, a policy, a warrior: as beautiful as courageous and intelligent, it is thanks to her that the rebels succeed in overthrowing the Galactic Empire. A woman as we would be.

Do you like them all? Well, here is the boxed version with twelve models plus a thirteenth surprise character: a gift that really will impress Star Wars lovers!!!

Accanto al rosso e oro delle decorazioni natalizie impazza la febbre dello Jedi: un po’ ovunque si celebra l’uscita, prevista per oggi 16 Dicembre in Italia e per il 18 Dicembre negli USA, di Star Wars Il Risveglio della Forza.

Da marchi low-cost a gioielli in oro 24k, se conoscete un amico che ha tutti i DVD della saga di Guerre Stellari, vi segnalo un pensiero per Natale davvero originale e che sicuramente si contraddistingue per qualità e per uscire un po’ da quello che i megastore vendono (e che tutti avranno in serie).

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