Un weekend in agriturismo: Castiglione del Lago e il Principe del Trasimeno

Abitiamo vicino al mare, ma amiamo il mare fuori stagione, quando è poco affollato e non troppo caldo. Per un fine settimana di vero relax, abbiamo deciso di trascorrere un weekend a Castiglione del Lago, sul Lago Trasimeno. Avevamo voglia di relax, ma anche di libertà: il non dover rispettare orari, in particolare quelli della colazione servita al mattino, era uno dei requisiti fondamentali dell’intera famiglia.Read More


Visitare l’Umbria a Natale: un week-end romantico ad Assisi

Visitare l’Umbria a Natale: quale migliore periodo dell’anno per recarsi ad Assisi, città di San Francesco, magari facendo tappa anche a Greccio, dove nel 1223 San Francesco diede vita al primo Presepe?

Assisi può essere una location perfetta per un week-end romantico d’inverno, durante il quale coniugare enogastronomia, tradizione, relax e religiosità. Se partite in famiglia, la zona di Assisi offre tantissimo anche a chi si sposta con i bambini: presepi, la casa di Babbo Natale, le luci, il mercatino del giocattolo… Read More

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MARMORE WATERFALL OUTFIT: kids fashion alla Cascata delle Marmore

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 And after having told you the legend of Nera and Velino (here) and revealed at the end of the post our trip to Marmore Waterfalls, today I’ll tell you how it was and I’ll show you some pictures of the place and Sissi’s outfit.

Marmore Waterfalls, with its jump of 165 meters, is the highest in Europe. It is actually an artificial jump, already built in the third century BC by the Romans to drain the land above of the waterfall and then modified over the centuries and further exploited by the early nineteenth century with the hydroelectric plant. For this reason, the water flow undergoes changes during the day and there are times for the release the waters, which is worth a look if you are visiting the area.

The whole area is very well organized, with paths, signs, bars and restaurants, a small market, souvenir shops,  parking, toilettes.

It‘s really a convenient and practical place to visit with the children, even very small.

You can also make a nice picnic because there are plenty of benches and tables spread a bit all over the area. We began our visit to the Belvedere Inferiore (Lower), the point where you can appreciate the waterfall from below”. A bit hesitant we decided to take the path n.1, indicated moderately difficult with time 45to rise to 25 to descend: we have walked only up to the “Lovers’ Balcony(about half the path) and it is really worth. Sissi (almost 30 months) has always walked alone (with some help on the stairs) and we have not been very slow.

We also route the path n.2, which runs along a loop in the area of the second jump. A path simple, fast, all-in-plain.

For dinner we moved to the Belvedere Superiore (Upper), to appreciate the waterfall from above by the porch of the Specola” ( Observatory).

The outfit for Sissi is simple, practical and comfortable.

Since we are still in the process of nappies-goodbyeI also brought in my bag many other shorts and panties (for mishaps) and multi-use pads (always useful). To visit the falls raincoat can not miss: penguins from Mini Rodini have accompanied us the whole way along the paths and I must say they fulfilled their task very well! Sissi dry! And so happy!

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Shorts H&M

Socks Fendi

Sneakers Veja Kids

Cardigan Benetton Kids

Raincoat Mini Rodini

E dopo avervi raccontato la leggenda di Nera e Velino (qui) e rivelato a fine post la nostra escursione alla Cascata delle Marmore, oggi vi racconto com’è andata e vi mostro qualche foto del luogo e dell’outfit di Sissi.


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leggenda della ninfa nera e velino: la cascata delle marmore

FERRAGOSTO VERDE: Cascata delle Marmore

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Today I will tell you a legend A beautiful and graceful nymph, Nera, daughter of God Apennines, fell in love with a young shepherd called Velino. The goddess Juno during a banquet came to know of this profane love and decided to punish the Nymph bringing her to the top of Mount Ascensione where she transformed the girl into a river: the Nera River. She began to flow like a flood of tears, until she get to the cliff where she had met Velino the first time. Velino, not knowing what had happened to his beloved, questioned a sibyl that revealed what had happened. At this point, Velino decided to jump off the cliff to be reunited with his beloved Nera. That waterfall is a symbol of their eternal love.

Happy Ferragosto to everybody! Today we go for a hike in this naturalistic place, poetic, romantic, in some ways even green… who guess where?

Tomorrow all the photos, outfits, thoughts… for today I wish you will celebrate this festival of Midsummer with the people you care most and fill your life, have fun with your children, spend a quiet and carefree day.

Oggi vi racconto una leggenda… Una Ninfa bellissima e leggiadra, Nera, figlia del Dio Appennino, si innamorò del giovane pastore Velino. La dea Giunone durante un banchetto venne a sapere di questo amore profano e decise di punire la Ninfa portandola in cima al Monte Vettore dove trasformò la fanciulla in un fiume: il fiume Nera. Ella cominciò a scorrere come una piena di lacrime, fino ad arrivare alla rupe dove aveva incontrato Velino la prima volta. Velino, non sapendo che fine avesse fatto la sua amata, interrogò una sibilla che gli svelò cosa fosse successo. A questo punto, Velino decise di gettarsi dalla rupe per potersi riunire con la sua adorata Nera. Quel salto d’acqua è il simbolo del loro amore eterno.

leggenda della ninfa nera e velino: la cascata delle marmore

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