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Londra con i bambini (ma anche senza): cosa vedere a Covent Garden

Covent Garden è un quartiere del centro di Londra che attrae circa 30 milioni di turisti all’anno. Si distingue con la sua vasta gamma di negozi, caffè, ristoranti, ma non solo: da Covent Garden puoi raggiungere le principali attrazioni londinesi e tanti piccoli angoli nascosti.

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[one_half]Si torna a scuola, dopo un weekend destinato al riposo ed alla famiglia. Per affrontare una settimana di scuola, di nuove e più lunghe separazioni, di novità, oggi abbiamo bisogno di… rosa. [/one_half]Back to school after a weekend for rest and family. Today we need just pink: to deal with a new school’s week, with new and longer separations, with new people and things.

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Here is one of those brands that strike you, surprise you. I found Iglò & Indì (pronounced precisely with these accents) looking new brands on the web

The first thing that amazed me is the country of origin: Iceland. When you think about Iceland you imagine volcanoes, ice, geysers, geothermal energy… but, just in Iceland, in 2008 there was a mother who was going through piles of artwork made from her first daughter and ran into a drawing with two little children: a boy holding hands with his little sister in an open magical landscape, so she decided to call the baby Iglò and the younger sister Indì.

The philosophy behind  Iglò & Indì is to create trendy clothes without compromising comfort or quality. Each piece in the collection, with simple lines to ensure comfort and durability, it is made unique by details: ruffles, bows, elbow patches and original prints. The collection is divided intobaby” from 0 to 24 months, andboys and girls” from 2 to 12 years. The new lines of the season A/W 2014 are fleece, knitted hats and Holidays.

Here are some news and our favorite items directly from the F/W 2014 collction.

For Sissi’s outfit I chose a classic model from the SS2014 collection: the top with leopard print and with ruffles on the shoulders and bows in contrasting colors. The fit is perfect: for Sissi I chose a size 2-3 years (92-98 cm) and, thanks to the 5% spandex, it remains tight and not too long. The cotton has a great texture and is perfect even after washing. I decided to match it with very simple shorts from Benetton Kids, in the same color of one of the bows: what do you think?

And finally, I leave you with an interesting video on the design process at Iglò & Indì: enjoy!

Ecco uno di quei marchi che ti colpiscono, ti sorprendono. Ho scoperto Iglò & Indì (si pronuncia proprio con questi accenti) cercando marchi nuovi nel web.

La prima cosa che mi ha stupito è la provenienza: Islanda. Quando pensi all’Islanda pensi ai vulcani, al ghiaccio, ai geyser, alla geotermia… e invece, proprio in Islanda, nel 2008 c’era una mamma che riguardava pile di disegni fatti dalla sua bambina e si imbatteva in un disegno con due bambini che si davano la mano in uno scenario magico: decisero di chiamare il bimbo Iglò e la sorellina minore Indì.

La filosofia di Iglò & Indì è creare abiti trendy senza però rinunciare al comfort o alla qualità. Ogni pezzo della collezione, dalle linee semplici per garantire comfort e durabilità, è reso particolare dai dettagli: rouches, volant, fiocchi, toppine sui gomiti e stampe originali. La collezione si divide in baby, da 0 a 24 mesi, e boys and girls da 2 a 12 anni. Le novità della stagione A/W 2014 sono le linee in pile, i cappelli lavorati a maglia e la linea per le Festività Natalizie.

Ecco qualche novità ed i nostri pezzi preferiti direttamente dalla stagione A/W 2014:

Per l’outfit di Sissi ho scelto invece un modello classico dell’attuale collezione SS2014: la t-shirt senza maniche con la stampa leopardo, i volant sulle spalle ed i fiocchi a contrasto. Il fit è perfetto: per Sissi ho scelto la taglia 2-3 anni (92-98 cm) e, anche grazie al 5% di spandex, rimane aderente e non troppo lunga. Il cotone ha un’ottima consistenza e rimane perfetto anche dopo averlo lavato. Ho deciso di abbinare degli shorts molto semplici di Benetton Kids, a colore con uno dei fiocchi: che ne dite?


Top Iglò & Indì

Shorts Benetton Kids

Sneakers Veja Kids

E per concludere, vi lascio con un interessante video sul processo di creazione di Iglò & Indì: buona visione!


Metti una sera di un lunedì d’estate. Metti tre donne, tre uomini, tre bimbe ed un bimbo. Metti l’Abruzzo, un piccolissimo borgo medievale in cima ad una collina che guarda il mare…

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MARMORE WATERFALL OUTFIT: kids fashion alla Cascata delle Marmore

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 And after having told you the legend of Nera and Velino (here) and revealed at the end of the post our trip to Marmore Waterfalls, today I’ll tell you how it was and I’ll show you some pictures of the place and Sissi’s outfit.

Marmore Waterfalls, with its jump of 165 meters, is the highest in Europe. It is actually an artificial jump, already built in the third century BC by the Romans to drain the land above of the waterfall and then modified over the centuries and further exploited by the early nineteenth century with the hydroelectric plant. For this reason, the water flow undergoes changes during the day and there are times for the release the waters, which is worth a look if you are visiting the area.

The whole area is very well organized, with paths, signs, bars and restaurants, a small market, souvenir shops,  parking, toilettes.

It‘s really a convenient and practical place to visit with the children, even very small.

You can also make a nice picnic because there are plenty of benches and tables spread a bit all over the area. We began our visit to the Belvedere Inferiore (Lower), the point where you can appreciate the waterfall from below”. A bit hesitant we decided to take the path n.1, indicated moderately difficult with time 45to rise to 25 to descend: we have walked only up to the “Lovers’ Balcony(about half the path) and it is really worth. Sissi (almost 30 months) has always walked alone (with some help on the stairs) and we have not been very slow.

We also route the path n.2, which runs along a loop in the area of the second jump. A path simple, fast, all-in-plain.

For dinner we moved to the Belvedere Superiore (Upper), to appreciate the waterfall from above by the porch of the Specola” ( Observatory).

The outfit for Sissi is simple, practical and comfortable.

Since we are still in the process of nappies-goodbyeI also brought in my bag many other shorts and panties (for mishaps) and multi-use pads (always useful). To visit the falls raincoat can not miss: penguins from Mini Rodini have accompanied us the whole way along the paths and I must say they fulfilled their task very well! Sissi dry! And so happy!

T-shirt Soft Gallery

Shorts H&M

Socks Fendi

Sneakers Veja Kids

Cardigan Benetton Kids

Raincoat Mini Rodini

E dopo avervi raccontato la leggenda di Nera e Velino (qui) e rivelato a fine post la nostra escursione alla Cascata delle Marmore, oggi vi racconto com’è andata e vi mostro qualche foto del luogo e dell’outfit di Sissi.

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PALE PINK AND MOUNTAINS: kids outfit bio

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Pale pink outfit for the weekend, as pale as the sun hidden by clouds that promise storms, pale like us, and we must give up for a while to maritime weekend

Yes. Dermatitis again. After 18 months, it returns. We spent a Saturday by emergency medical assuming exanthematous diseases, allergies, etc. … instead, it just came back. But this time I’m ready, or rather, I’m an expert: I refer you to the full post about Mustela Stelatopia and our first dermatitis. If you want to know more about how I solved it with some success, please email me, I’ll be glad to help you! Because dermatitis is this: come in an instant and it takes 2 months to go away

This episode, however, makes me think once again about how important is the quality of the materials with which we dress our children. I do not know if it was a coincidence, but this time the trigger was a sweat in a pajamas with a not very good quality mea culpa. I was being really careful about what Sissi wears and I had avoided the problem for 18 months

We chose for today an outfit in pink, with a super loose style: the t-shirt in organic cotton is from Popupshop and pants, in viscose, from Soft Gallery. Since we went to the mountains, we chose the sneakers from Veja Kids, again in pale pink with mint green logo, with socks from Calzedonia Kids.

Allow me one last consideration.

It’s worth spending a little more for better garments. We also buy from Zara, H&M, etc. : items are cheap, cute, fashionable. BUT what I’m putting on the skin of my little girl? Not to mention the washing, immediately ruining the garments of these low cost brand (typically, the side seam that becomes central!). Still mea culpa because I was devoted to more expensive brands hoping to dress my daughter with something of better quality: did you read about toxic fashion?

I changed course.

I’m changing course: organic is a priority for me, in its absence I choose brands that I can really trust. Sometimes I give, without distinction, in to Gucci or Zara, a little because most readily available, a little because I fell in love with an item, but Sissi will wear it on to a mandatory organic underwear.

Rosa pallido l’outfit del weekend, pallido come il sole nascosto dalle nubi che promettono tormenta, pallido come noi, che dobbiamo rinunciare per un po’ ai weekend marittimi…

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Che fine settimana intenso! Anzitutto intenso di pioggia…

What a busy weekend! First of all, intense because of rain…

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Il caldo si è fatto da parte, l’aria è tornata primaverile e noi approfittiamo di questi giorni per testare qualche outfit da scuola materna… oggi abbiamo un po’ di shopping da fare e ancora non sappiamo se le attività in famiglia saranno al mare, in montagna o… a casa! Vediamo che tempo fa…

The heat is gone away, the air is more spring-like than summery and we take advantage of these days to test some outfits for the kindergarten today we have a little shopping to do and still do not know if the activities in the family will be at the sea​​, at the mountains or… at home! We’ll see how is the weather like

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Un tempo davvero incerto, ma adatto per dare un’ennesima possibilità a questi pantaloni di Benetton Kids!

Vi abbiamo già raccontato in un paio di occasioni (ad esempio qui) il nostro rapporto di amore/odio con questo modello: l’errore principale è di non avere la vita regolabile internamente con elastico (e quindi tende a scendere). Per quanto riguarda il colore, invece, lo adoro!

A very changeable weather, but suitable for giving another chance to these pants from Benetton Kids!

We have already reported on a couple of occasions (for example here) our love/hate relationship with this model: the main mistake is to not have the adjustable waist with elastic (and therefore tends to fall down). As for the color, however, I love it!

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These days we have been quite at home: because of rain (torrential) and of many job commitments and yesterday we were at the meeting for the parents of the (future) Sissi’s kindergarten.

So today I want to try a simple and comfortable outfit, almost for “kindergarten”, without giving up being a bit fashion, wearing different from the usual brand and choosing quality, leaving behind the beloved (by the teachers) playsuit but respecting the rules imposed: no laces – no buttons – no pins – no zip.

We start from the blue t-shirt (a very dusty blue tone, peculiar) from Mini Rodini, fresh, simple, in organic cotton for a comfortable fit without being too big. We match the pink leggings, with the printing of the fakir mustachioed, from Gardner and the Gang: these also in organic cotton, comfortable, well-made, with elastic waist and cuff at the ankle. The low socks are from Calzedonia Kids. The sneakers with the strap, also organic, are the latest fashion with yellow polka dots on a blue background, from Veja Kids.

Maybe in September I would add a cardigan or a sweatshirts and Sissi would be ready for kindergarten! On second thought, now I see that the outfit is completely organic: very apt to spend many hours with no change in the same place!

Also it is a unisex outfit: those pink leggings would be fine even with a boy. Why not?

What do you think?

In questi giorni siamo state abbastanza in casa: causa pioggia (torrenziale) e tanti impegni lavorativi… inoltre ieri siamo stati all’incontro per i genitori della (futura) scuola materna di Sissi.

Oggi allora voglio provare un outfit semplice e comodo, quasi “da scuola materna”, senza rinunciare però ad essere un po’ fashion, ad indossare brand diversi dal solito e di qualità, lasciando a casa le tanto amate (dalle maestre) tute ma rispettando i criteri di comodità imposti: no lacci – no bottoni – no spille – no zip.

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Piove. Dopo tanto caldo durante la settimana, arriva finalmente un weekend pieno di pioggia: invece di andare al mare, andremo dai nonni, sperando di poter giocare in giardino… almeno noi (mamma e papà) riposeremo un pochino dopo aver fatto le ore piccole ieri notte per la partita dell’Italia (vi siete persi l’outfit di Sissi per i Mondiali? Eccolo qui!)…

It’s raining. After so hot during the week, finally arrives a weekend full of rain and instead of going to the beach, we’ll go to grandparents’ home, hoping to play in the garden… at least we (mom and dad) will rest a little bit after going bed very late last night for the football match of the Italian team (do you missed the outfit for Sissi for the World Cup? Here it is!)…



Buongiorno! Good morning!

Ancora non sappiamo esattamente cosa faremo oggi, ma una cosa è certa: il sole ed il caldo ci accompagneranno! Forse mare? Forse montagna? Forse giochi in campagna? Forse pranzo dai nonni? Intanto scegliamo un outfit e dopo una oziosa mattinata decideremo tutti insieme cosa fare!

We do not know exactly what we will do today, but one thing is certain: the sun and the heat will be with us! Maybe the sea? Perhaps the mountains? Maybe games in the country? Maybe lunch with grandparents? Meanwhile, choose an outfit and after a lazy morning we will decide together what to do!

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Sulla strada del ritorno, che sarà lunga perché prevediamo anche un paio di soste, delle quali una (purtroppo) é di lavoro… questa domenica pomeriggio sa già di lunedì!

On the way back, that will be long because we expect a couple of stops, one of which (unfortunately) is for job this Sunday afternoon is quite a Monday!



Godiamoci questa giornata, amori miei! Godiamoci il bel tempo, stiamo insieme, ridiamo e scherziamo, mangiamo un gelato (se venite a Bologna, non perdetevi quello della storica Sorbetteria Castiglione), facciamo ancora un po’ di shopping.
Purtroppo la nostra amica P. non viene più: che tristezza e che peccato che ogni volta che ci organizziamo, qualcosa vada storto! É stata trattenuta dall’influenza… guarisci presto!

Let’s enjoy this day, my loves! Let’s enjoy the nice weather, we are together, may we laugh and joke, eat an ice cream (if you come to Bologna, do not miss the historic Sorbetteria Castiglione), let’s do a little shopping.
Unfortunately our friend P. is not coming: how sad and what a pity that every time we organize to see, something go wrong! She’s at home with flu heal soon!

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